December 2, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Yeah. Seriously.

Although, I think the Browns started the season at "bad," and in recent weeks have gotten "worse." NOW, I think they're the past tense verb form of a four letter word beginning in f. Same goes for that General Manager in charge of inciting militant fans with email profanity, by the way.

Devastating injuries all over the field - CHECK!
Losing twice as many games as they've won - CHECK!
Staph-infections-r-us - CHECK!
Failing to have anyone rush for over 88 yards all season - CHECK!
Throwing too much money at questionable free agents - CHECK!
Trading a decent amount of valuable draft picks - CHECK!
Scorned by Kellen Winslow - CHECK!
Franchise receiver suddenly stricken with a case of the drops - CHECK!
Coach who manages games as well as Andy Reid - CHECK!

Need I go on?

I wonder how highly all those writers and media personalities who picked them to win the AFC North think of the Browns now?

Probably not as highly as they would of these links...

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domski43 said...

i'm so happy that so many people listened to all the hype surrounding the browns before the season.

next year when browns fans start chirping about how well they are going to do, (especially against the Steelers) OFTOT will have to remind them of what happened this year!

matt said...

I can't stop watching this!

Has anyone been to a scrip club, or were some of you "rebellion"?