November 26, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

God dammit! And I was really looking forward to watching the Steelers sack Lady Quinn like 16 times. Now, I won't even get the chance. I mean, shit, I won't even get to watch him hold the clipboard, what with this finger problem and everything.

So "a team source said that all agreed that Quinn needed to shut it down before the tendons tore from the bone," eh? Yikes. That doesn't sound like much of a party. I kind of actually feel a little bad for him...kind of.

Guess it's time for Horse Balls to demonstrate why Browns fans thought he was snubbed in last year's Pro Bowl voting!

Try not to tear the tendons from YOUR bones while reading these links...

Check out one of the Pirates new fireballers...and compare that windup to Lord Byron's [PSaMP]

Right, so Willie Parker may not play Sunday. What else is new? Ugh [Post-Gazette]

That Bengals game showed Offensive progress...I guess [LancasterOnline]

Wow, how bad of shape must Sean Alexander be in? [Associated Press]

Greatest magnet and greatest pun EVER [joy magnetism]

Afternoon post to follow. I promise it will make up for my inadequacy this morning!

Sorry kids, I'm under the gun at work today...and after, I might have to go invest IN a shoot myself with. This sucks.


joy said...

Thanks for the linkage, dude.

I'm counting on you, Cotter, for the heads up on when I should use my Steelers magnet. I've been saving it for a special occasion. IJS.

ladi izz said...

Quinn's Christmas wish came true this year while mine didn't. Ever since they drafted him, all I've ever wanted was for him to get to know James Harrison up close and personal. Was I not good enough this year Santa? It's a simple request that won't come true, two years in a row.