November 13, 2008

Bruce Arians' Ivory Tower?

“There are articles on firing me today,” the Steelers offensive coordinator said with a subdued chuckle. “That’s just part of the territory. It goes with quarterbacks and offensive coordinators.”
The photoshop is weak, I know. But what do you all make of this quote from Arians?


matt>arians said...

I don't like him, I've said it before so most who know me know that already.

It's amusing he's laughing about it. I guess he can laugh, he makes more $ than all of us.

Just wish he'd earn his paycheck.

domski43 said...

if hes fired who is going to call the plays, big ben? (hope not)

i dont really want a shake up w/ the offense at this point even though they suck giant hairy veiny horse balls.

hopefully this means that arians knows the pressure is on and does SOMETHING!

matt said...

Oh, he'll be awesome calling our first drive. That we know for sure.