October 29, 2008

Yeah, I've Got Some Questions, Man...

Unexplainable. This image defies explanation.
Ok, you know what? I was thinking about this, and I'm NOT over Sunday yet. I mean, so much happened to go against us in that game, and yet we were still in it until a little less than 3:00 left! Sure, the Giants knocked Ben down on almost half of his drop backs, but that's no different than any other game. So what the hell?

Honestly, how did the Offense go from hot to cold THAT much quicker than my ex-girlfriend? Did we think we were going to fool them into thinking they should respect Limas Sweed? And for Christ's sake, why is it that every time I order something with "NO ONIONS" I still end up picking a pound and a half of onion out of my dinner? What if I was allergic, man? I smell tortious conduct...

Anyways, tangent. But really, what the hell was that? Four picks? FOUR? I know one wasn't really Ben's fault, but Jebus! And come on, how often do your Punter and Long Snapper go down in the SAME GAME?!?! How is it possible that all this ridiculous shit happened in one game and yet, until about half way through the 4th quarter we were still winning?

So I think it's safe to say we've still got some lingering questions in ol' duders head. Actually, there's the whole list of 'em...which I've neatly compiled for you below. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure and I'd love to hear your answers on the other side.

1. Why did it seem like no one was getting open?
2. What the hell is wrong with Willie Colon's brain?
3. Have you ever seen Mike Tomlin that fired up for a game?
4. What do you suppose Brandon Jacobs was thinking when he got stopped cold on 4th down?
5. What is all this shit about Vietnam?
6. Not ONE sack? Really?
7. Keisel looked diesel, right?
8. What, is Heath Miller hanging out with Max Starks too much? Throw him the ball a couple more times, maybe?
9. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Willie Colon's brain?
10. Limas Sweed only got thrown to like four times. How did he manage to fumble?
11. Tell me how we gave up more yards to Derrick Ward than Brandon Jacobs?
12. How awesome is Nate Washington's flat top fade?
13. Willie Gay was a pleasant surprise, wasn't he?
14. What would Brady Quinn do?
15. Since when does Ben have a problem scoring one TD in 3 minutes to tie up a ball game?

So am I alone in all this? Am I taking crazy pills? Was that one too many movie references for today?

Either way, a few administrative things. Number one, check out how hot Justin Hartwig's date/girlfriend/wife was at Steelers Style 2008...

And number two, check out how seriously Jeff Reed took this event...

The T-Shirt tuxedo-esque shirt with tie? Classy move, Jeff. I hope you had some Natural Lights backstage to complement that mess. Actually, I might make that my Halloween costume. What's scarier than Jeff Reed in "formal" attire? I can't think of anything.


Marc said...

Is Willie Colon there with Darriath Chisim from the news?

Get Fresh Designs said...

1. I swear routes they are running are of the zig-zag kind, like running to one defender, then the next.
2. Emotions man, emotions.
3. No
4. Jacobs ripped someones head off. the dude is big.
5. Don't know, was Aikman having flashbacks?
6. Yeah, thanks Woodley.
7. Happy he's back.
8. Starks has info on all the steelers that's why he's getting paid.
9. Off his meds.
10. Rookie Mistake.
11. Ward/Jacobs is good combo, power and speed.
12. That rules, Washington is becoming the man.
13. Too bad he didn't jam Toomer on that drive that led to the TD, that would have disrupted his route.
14. Get a mirror and check out his biceps.
15. Since Arians was calling the plays.

matt said...

We have to face the fact that we are just not a complete football team right now. I'm not saying we aren't one of the elite teams b/c some of the talent we have compensates for the weak areas.

I just hope we can somehow gel down the stretch or it's gonna be the same story every week, win or lose.

I am tired of hearing the same old sh*t...O-line sucks, Ben holds the ball too long, D played great but can't do it alone. Get your shit together 'lers!

I didn't answer one of those questions, sorry Cotter.

domski43 said...

country music yesterday, now fashion?!?

am i on the gay steelers blog?

Matt - I hear ya man, same stuff different week, its time to get it together. The Steelers have exceeded my expectations up to this point in the season, but that only gives me hope for the rest of the season (steelers = dont screw it up!)

tiny350Z said...

1. Agree with gfd. More straight routes, please.
2. Apparently, Willie Colon makes Pan American style music?
3. No.
4. Wanna get away?
5. Did I miss something?
6. Yeah, that sucked. Maybe our o-line could learn something from them.
7. Absolutely.
8. When I play Madden, Miller is always my top receiver. One game he had over 300 yards.
9. People don't like his music.
10. Maybe he was nervous?
11. Maybe we focused too much on Jacobs... and I'm sure the defense was a little fatigued towards the end.
12. Absolutely superb.
13. Agreed.
14. Wear tights.
15. Guhhhhh... can't muster a comment for that one - too.painful.

Cotter said...

marc ~ If only there were an US Weekly for the Steelers to tell us. Either way, I'll bet he didn't get laid. No protection. Ba dum ching! (PS - I gotta find a better way to express that sound effect)

doug ~ I like your answer to #15 and I wonder if that isn't possibly the root of the problem. Also, do you think Brady Quinn was treating that mirror like the Queen in Snow White?...What? You guys didn't watch Disney movies when you were younger?

matt ~ No apologies necessary. I'll take a well crafted rant over answers to my bullshit questions every day of the week. But come on, tell us how you really feel!

domski ~ Is this the gay comments section?

tiny350x ~ In response to #5, see here.

Get Fresh Designs said...

I'm thinking it is the root of the problem, but there are some good plays, just a bunch of crappy ones at the wrong time.

oh, you know brady is saying that in the mirror.

Brady Quinn: Tell me I'm better looking than Derek Anderson.
Mirror: yes, now put some clothes on, i'm tired of looking at your vagina.