October 28, 2008

Things Cotter Knows Nothing About...

High up on the list - Country Music.

I'm not gonna lie to you, I know next to nothing about it. I grew up on hip-hop, classic rock, punk, funk, and just about everything that wasn't country. Which, as a native Pennsylvanian, I understand is akin to saying I've never been part of a sports-induced riot or been to a High School keg party in the woods. But, it is the truth, nonetheless.

I don't have anything against it. But the closest I've ever come to listening to country was visiting my Texas born and raised cousins, who introduced me to a guy named Billy Ray Cyrus and his hit (at the time), "Achy Breaky Heart." Oh, and of course Hank Williams Jr.'s legendary Monday Night Football theme, which I'm sure someone is going to point out to me is derived from some other Hank Williams Jr. song that I don't even know about. So yeah, if all this isn't enough evidence that I'm pretty clueless when it comes to country, I don't know what is.

But I gotta admit, I kind of like this "Holler Back" song by the country band, The Lost Trailers.

Ok, Cotter, so effing what? What does you liking some Country song have to do with the Steelers?

Well, it just so happens that these dudes have recorded this song in 56 different versions, customized for fans of every NFL team and a few select College teams as well, which of course, includes the Steelers. I think this is an awesome idea. Cheesy, yes. But hey, I give them a lot of credit for thinking of it.

Perhaps I'm biased, because as a Steelers fan, I'm used to hearing songs about my team. But come on, who can't enjoy a bunch of white dudes in cowboy hats singing a song called, "Holler Back" (well, one dude anyway). That's "Holler," mind you. Not "Holla," as I understand they pronounce it "on the streets." I mean...I'm so hood. I'm so hood, that in fact, I'm up on all the street vernacular. That's right, I'm privy to the new shit.


Anyways, feel free to check "Holler Back" out via this link. And tell 'em One For The Other Thumb sent you (unless, of course, you DON'T want someone looking at you like you're Michael Jackson batshit crazy).

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Noah said...

Upon listening to that bundle of sound I conclude that he puts the same lyrics in every song just changes the team name. It's obvious because if he was a Steelers fan, he would know that we don't have cheerleaders......