October 29, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

So I really want to laugh at this and take great pleasure in the Bengals pain. But frankly, at 0-8, they're pretty much irrelevant. Sure, I take plenty of pleasure in the fact that Carson Palmer isn't playing and probably won't for the remainder of the year, thus also not being discussed as one of the "elite" QBs in the league. But as a team, overall, do I care about them? Not today, at least. Maybe on November 20th. But no, not now when the Ravens and Browns both won last weekend and we lost.

Seriously though, the Bengals brass really oughta take a good look at that team in the offseason and figure out what they're trying to do. With Carson Palmer back, that Offense is really only a few pieces short. But the Defense...what Defense? Who's the star on that side of the ball? Leon Hall? I don't even know. They let Justin Smith go in free agency. And they cut Deltha O'Neal. I mean, do they even want to win? Ever? Earth to Mike Brown - you're bringing the proverbial knife to a gun fight. It's about as easy to win without playing defense as it is to keep Britney Spears sober for more than two days. You should probably sort that out. Your defense, not Britney. I'm on that one.

But what I really want to know is, will these guys be the first team since the '76 Buccaneers to go winless? One way or the other, it's pretty sad that I even just wrote that. Yikes.

Good thing with these links below, we all win...

Hmm, suitor #5 looks awful familiar... [Zamboni Harmony]

Cowher to Dallas? Sounds about as likely as Cowher to Oakland [SbB]

Notice the small reference to Ben's shoulder still hurting...perhaps it's time we start protecting our QB, O-Line [ESPN]

Big Ben tells KDKA that Sid is the bigger star in the 'Burgh [KDKA]

Speaking of, the Pens may be injured as well...Max Talbot? [PSaMP]

Ratings for Game 5 of the World Series sucked. Wow, shocker. It was flooded out and there was a big matchup between the Colts and Titans on at the same time? Do the math [AP]

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