October 31, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

I could never be Asian, man. All that rice. That shit is filling. I'm still amazed at the fact that I eat like 10-15 pieces of sushi rolls and a salad and I'm full. I mean, that's such a small quantity of food if you think about it. A couple of pieces of fish in there, some veggies, rice, seaweed. Not like it's a 24 ounce steak or anything.

Anyways, not that it has any bearing on the Ravens Rice. Ray, that is.

I've been ripping on the Ravens all week. But the truth is, I like Ray Rice. I'm not sure if he's the right guy to be splitting carries with Willis McGahee. But I guess when you throw La'ron McClain in there, it works. And really, that's the extent of what I got on this one. Damn, Fridays are a rough day to find headlines I can make fun of.

Well, not that rough...

So I have to assume this means Ocho Cinco is supporting Obama in Tuesday's election? If I'm correct, and that's the case, then does he really want to be waving an Obama banner as a TD celebration?

See, I think what I'm questioning is - would that HELP Obama or HURT him? I mean, let's face it, Chad Johnson isn't nearly as well liked as say, Bruce Springsteen, who heavily supported Kerry in '04. Frankly, if I'm Obama and I catch wind of this, I'm giving Chad Johnson a call and respectfully asking him never to mention my name. Ever. In public or private. And certainly not in a context that would imply any relationship whatsoever.

Then again, if I'm Obama, I've had my fair share of potentially campaign-detrimental relationships come to light. So I'm sure I'd be well equipped to handle that one. Either way, that doesn't change the fact that Chad Johnson is a severe douche.

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And dude, Asian American is the preferred nominclature.

Sean said...

Thanks for the support! The next contest will be who is visitor #100,113.