October 30, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Ok, so I hear the Ravens are experimenting with some two QB set or something. Isn't that cute? I didn't even know they had two QBs that were good enough to respect in a one QB set, let alone as a combination. Hell, I guess it's true what they say - you DO learn something new everyday. I'll be damned.

And they've dubbed this set affectionately, "The Suggs Package." So first of all, as usual, that's what she said. Next, that's great. That's just effing great. Just give Terrell Suggs one more thing to gloat about. Like that asshole needs another reason. I don't hear him saying anything about how his helmet doesn't fit on his huge head. I'm not even joking. Go look him up on Google images. That dude's helmet fits about as snugly as a pair of leather pants on Rosanne. Mmmmm, night terrors.

Question. Just hypothetically speaking, if you didn't know what "The Suggs Package" was, per se, what might you guess that it was? Me? I'd guess that it has something to do with being a bitch. Wait, no. That doesn't make any sense. Um, maybe just an 11 man package comprised entirely of Terrell Suggs clones? There. FIXED.

Ok, so truth be told, I think this was a rather novel and creative idea this whole two QB thing. And one that I would LOVE to see the Steelers pull off. But like most of the drivel around here, this post just wouldn't be much fun if I gushed about how much I love the Ravens' super cool new offensive gadget play. It's all in the name of entertainment, my friends. So feel free to join the fun...savvy?

Oh, and try not to picture Rosanne in leather pants for too long there, Hoss. That's the kind of thing they say causes prolonged emotional disturbance...and chlamydia. Instead, think about an 11 man package comprised entirely of Terrell Suggs clones...while you're reading these links, of course...

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