October 24, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Well, wait a minute, Phil. Which person are we talking about? I mean, Romeo Crennell is a rather portly fellow.

Kidding aside, can't we all just agree that when the Browns are involved, everyone loses. There is no right and wrong party, here. This story needs to just go away.

Phil, you screwed up. Fine. Kellen, YOU screwed up. Whatever. Why don't you just kiss and make up? For Christ's sake...

At least you all and I can kiss and make up while reading these links...right?

Santonio cited for weed...awesome [PSAMP]

Sean and I tackle the big question - will Tennessee win the AFC [MVN Outsider]

Hines weighs in on "the hit" [Post-Gazette]

Yikes, McCain supporter mugged in the 'Burgh [TMZ]

Wyshynski interviews Director and Devils fan, Kevin Smith [Puck Daddy]


tobiathan on the scoop said...

Santonio Holmes is deactivated for Sunday vs. Giants: he got cited for posession of herb yesterday, missed practice today.


Fucking great....looked like Sweed was suited up in KDKA's video. I wonder how much THAT is gonna screw us up?!

NOT what we need right now.

Another big test for Tomlin: we'll see how he does keeping everyone focused. And, it'll be a real challenge for the coaching staff and Arians to make up for a guy who has been drawing a lot of attention from opposuing d-backs this year.

A possibly big oppurtunity for Sweed to step up...

tobiathan doesn't want a "B" on his cheeck either said...

Oh yeah: now they're saying the "mugging" victim made her story up....odd that this occured in Pittsburgh, but the girl in question is from Texas....and that she'd go out, get beat up, and carve a "B" on her face just for fun....