October 3, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Watchoo talking 'bout, Willis?

Yeah, dude. I'm sure the Ravens would like that as well. But listen, it's not your fault the Browns are a bunch of filthy cheaters. I mean, Romeo Crennel WAS spawned from the Bill Belicheat coaching tree. And look, the Steelers don't let most running backs really ever get started in a game, let alone finish one. So don't feel so bad.

Buck up, young Willis. Remember when no one thought you'd even make it in the NFL? See, things aren't so bad. You could always be Travis Henry.

Don't get caught dealing while reading these links...

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I seriously love the Diddy video blog [YouTube]


random asshole said...

I want a pony.

See, it's easy to want things; that doesn't make 'em happen, though. Now, where's my headline?

Maybe he needs to lower his standards. What's the football equivalent of "I want a beer?"

tecmo said...

Mini or regular-sized?

/please say mini, please say mini...