October 3, 2008

Damn Jag-u-ARGHs!

Well, if I said I felt confident about Sunday's game against Jagoffville, I'd be lying to you. We're down to Mewelde Moore, Najeh Davenport, and Gary Russell in the backfield, Big Ben is more banged up than Tara Reid, and we have no solid indication that our Offensive game plan will be any good against the tough Jags Defense. At least the Defense is playing well though, albeit without 2/3 of our starting lineman. So we've got that going for us...which is nice.

But really it doesn't matter what kind of shape we're in. This is basically a division game. It may not count towards the division standings, but Jag-u-are-ville has always been a challenge for us. In fact, we haven't won one out of the last four meetings, including last year's heart wrenching playoff loss.

Nevertheless, this is our time to avenge. Let's just hope this time around, we don't get gypped by a bullshit holding no call.

So here are three things I'll be watching for on Sunday night...

#1 - The "Offensive" "Game Plan"
Notice the intentional quotes around both Offensive and Game Plan. This is clearly by design. Will we have a game plan? Will it be any good? Will we go no huddle at all? Will we throw to Heath Miller? Will we be able to get the ball to Santonio without it being picked off? I just don't know. We shall see. I'd like to think that with all the grumblings about the Offense's lack of production the past couple of weeks, Arians and Tomlin will sort it out for this one. But I can't say with any degree of certainty that that will be the case.

#2 - The Defensive Line
Our specialty is stopping the run and obliterating the opposing passer. Yet, Jacksonville has consistently gouged us for a disgusting amount of yards on the ground. Even David Garrard got into the mix last time. We can NOT let this happen again. I know MJD is like a little bowling ball. He's hard to see. He's hard to tackle. He cuts like a ginsu knife. But we have to shut him, Fred Taylor - and anyone else who decides to get into the mix - down. That Offensive Line is looking real vulnerable. Capitalize on that. Make David Garrard beat you. Bottom line.

#3 - "Special" Teams
First, the Jags O-line may be a bit of a mess, but MJD is still back there returning kicks. He's burned us before, he can do it again. A "Special" Teams gaffe would be possibly the most costly mistake, should it occur. Let's hope our dudes stay solid. Second, Mitch Berger has to do better. Last week, his punting average was dog shit. This is another battle of field position. We just have to get a good performance out of Berger. I don't know how else to say it. I hope you eat your Wheaties on Sunday, Mitch.

And that's it. I could go on, but alas, I continue to have real work to do (even on a Friday). So I'm interested - what do you guys think about this game? Winnable?

I'll tell you what Steely McGnome thinks...well, actually Doug will, but yeah - 24-21, Steelers. Write that down.


Get Fresh Designs said...

hey now, that's all Steely McGnome. I don't make random "predictions" just to have a blog post for the day...oh wait.

two links to my shitty blog in one day. Is this because we're facebook friends now?

Cotter said...

That and the promise of free beer...seriously, where's my free beer...

tobiathan's only best friend is sick... said...

In case anyone notices my absence- my oldest dog had surgery and is recovering. At 14 he needs a lot of attention. I might not be around a lot for the next few days, but i WILL be ere for the game.

So that's nice of me.

Everybody wish The FlashDog a speedy and full recovery, and see yinz on Sunday n'at.

domski43 said...

t-rock, i send all my best to your pup (belly rubs dude, dogs are awesome)

i will be so happy if the steelers can get to 4-1 without any more injuries. The bye week could not come at a more perfect time.

cotter, agree wholeheartedly that if the steelers force david garrard to beat us w/ his arm, the steelers win the game.

how about a special teams touchdown for the steelers? santonio just needs a little crease to take it to the house!

Noah said...

Well, this just in. I was on CBSsportsline.com and they said that 2 of Jax starting corners are out, so R-berger should have a great time passing time passing the ball. Of course, it won't matter much if he doesn't have time to throw the ball......but the Jags only have 5 sacks......

Cotter said...

tobiathan ~ All my best to your pup! That's a long time to live, he must be special. I only hope my dog lives to be that old.

noah ~ Tell me one is Rashean Mathis?!?!

Get Fresh Designs said...

Next time you stop by my house, I'll have beer for you. I'll get some veggie dogs for you to.