October 2, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

Ok, I admit, using a Deaspin post is kind of a cop out. But come on, it's so funny.

Yeah, you were good in '05 because you were all a bunch of deviants. Well, now that I think about it. Maybe...I mean you have sucked since. Perhaps all of your miscreants finally had their respective days in court and are now serving out their time in a cement box? Certainly that is a possibility, dude.

Anyways, yeah. Partying's always been the answer for me. So I can't really argue with his logic. But something tells me Chad don't mean no Chris Cotter partay. Nahmeen son?

Oh yeah, and speaking of deviants...the King's returned...

All hail these links...

Join the PSAMP network on Facebook...and while you're at it, join the OFTOT network [PSAMP]

Jeff Reed = AFC ST Player of Week...Also interweb legend [PSAMP]

Wait, Ben threw his 100th TD pass on Monday Night? [Post-Gazette]

Sarah Palin has a football fan identity crisis [Sean's Ramblings]

Al Davis - Greedy AND Psychotic...can't disagree [Joey Porter's Pit Bulls]

I still kinda hate Seattle, but I can't hate this [Macho Chip]

And while we're at it... [on205th]

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