September 5, 2008

OFTOT Week In Review...

Just in case you missed any of this week's idiocy and would like to correct that, here's a list of the main stories...

1. OFTOT is for the kids

2. Ding Dong, the witch is dead Sean Mahan's gone

3. Oh no, the Texans vaunted pass rush is coming!

4. Tecmo and I give you a taste of our "Pregame Show Extravaganza"

5. The Steelers blogger Thunderdome Fantasy League, Sean from Sean's Ramblings and The Immortal Silky Johnson tackle the tough issues

6. The AFC North is chock full of entertainment

7. Eagles fans are desperate for dates

8. Tecmo and I are worthless and we need YOUR help

And remember, when Tommy Maddox is involved, no one wins.

Stay tuned for a Saturday night/Sunday morning pre-game extravaganza post (video of course, will be served) and Sunday Gameday Discussion post this weekend. Tobiathan will be here in full effect, live blogging the game via the comments and I'm sure other OFTOTr's will be here to talk about the game as it transpires.

Good talk guys, see you out there.

Cotter out!


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Cotter said...

Thank you comment spammer.

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