September 3, 2008

FINALLY...What Took So Long?

Well, Sean. As they say - It's been real. It's been fun. But it hasn't been real fun. You can let yourself out...

Mahan's time here was short. But his impact was large...unlike his stature. The undersized Center/Guard was a Steeler for but one season, but he accomplished enough to last a life time. A life time of sucking, that is.

Nevertheless, ol' Seanny boy did start all 16 games last season. And that's gotta count for something. So Sean Mahan, I'd like to hereby thank you for your service...and ask that you leave your VIP card to the Locker Room on your way out.

I'd just like to personally thank Jon Gruden, the Tampa Bay brass, Tomlin and the the Steelers brass for making this happen. Goodbye disappointment. Hello undisclosed draft pick.

And make way for Darnell Stapleton at backup Center.

Anyone feel differently?

Steelers Send Mahan Back to Tampa [Pro Football Talk]
Steelers Trade Backup Center [Post-Gazette]
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Anonymous said...

hopefully hartwig won't have the same type of experience at center as mahan. how about we try getting jason peters from the bills. he doesn't want to play for them under his existing contract, and i'm pretty sure at this point they're ready to play the season without him. he's one of the best tackles in the league, he's young, and we could probably get him for a couple of draft picks. lets get this done.

domski43 said...

anon - jason peters would be VERY NIIIICCCEEE!

glad mahan is gone, but i'm worried about the depth and experience at the interior offensive line positions.

sunday cant come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

For all his mistakes and learning a new offense, I didn't think he did all that bad.Then again, I have pretty low standards. I just hope the Steelers get themselves a big mean dude with this open roster spot. FWP didn't get ALL his yards behind Big Red and I thought Seanny boy played his ass off in that play-off game against the Jagofficers. I think he only had one false start on the goaline - can't remember, but I don't think it was more than three times. I like the looks of Hartwig, reminds of Hartings, but it's going to take him a year to get rolling and plus he's no Jeff Hartings.
I know nothing about Darnell Stapleton, haven't even seen him play college ball. I agree with the person that says we should go after Jason Peters, if possible.Oh and I don't mean to change the topic but signing Lord Byron was a good move because Big Ben's going to miss a lot of games this year. He's going to get killed behind this o-line... but what the hell, it's just a game. Go Steelers!

Anonymous said...

I did not like him but he provided depth. I dont understand why the steelers signed a TE to fill the roster spot? I dont understand some of the decission making.

Cotter said...

anon #4 ~ I think I actually may be able to answer that - because the TE they signed is a former FB. Plus, we only had two TEs on the roster, kind of thin.

Cotter said...

Whoops, that's anon 3...sorry about that! Thanks for the comment!