September 17, 2008

Cooleygate, What's The Big Deal?

[Editor's Note: Not posting actual controversial image for obvious reasons. But I think this one's just as good.]

So Chris Cooley's dong was plastered all over the internets?

Whatever. Who's dick hasn't? I mean, Jeff Reed has exposed himself (probably more than once). Santonio recently unleashed his manliness on the world. It's really no big deal. We've all seen one, right?

Actually, I give Chris Cooley much credit for being technologically advanced enough to use a digital camera and computer, not to mention being technologically advanced enough to blog (how do I create a post, again?).

That said, how do you NOT notice that your little dude is hanging out there in the wind? I mean this isn't like Jeff Reed or Santonio - who clearly didn't intend for their naked pics to become part of an interweb expose. Cooley uploaded these images HIMSELF. I mean, if it were me, I'm pretty sure I would've noticed. Still, I didn't actually check out his manhood. Maybe it's just easy to miss...if you catch my drift.

Just figured I might as well weigh in on this. Cue "disappointed" email from my parents. "Christopher, you know talking about dicks on your blog might ruin your credit rating."

/Thanks Mom

Thoughts (on Cooley's gaffe, not my parents disappointment - I assure you, the latter's been covered)?

Addendum (for Doug, by special request)


Get Fresh Designs said...

Why isn't it a picture of his wife?

WTF Cooley??

Lori said...

I mean, if the parents give you crap, just remind them that it was you blogging about cooley's dick exposure accident and not the other way around. In my experience, parents need perspective.

Cotter said...

doug ~ Happy now? I hadn't even thought of that...but good call.

lori ~ Mine need a lot more than that...kidding. I love my parents. And I like to think by telling me I'm an idiot, they're showing that they love me too.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Yeah, that rules thanks.