September 17, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

Yeah, flashback to sucking the old days, indeed.

Apparently the Bangles were jealous of the Ravens 5-11 record last season. Because they've clearly made the conscious decision to suck as much as possible this year. And thus far, they've succeeded with flying colors. I guess it's a good thing they have such a rich tradition of sucking to draw from. Wherefore art thou, Ki-Jana Carter?

Hey Marvin, any ideas on how the Bengals can turn things around?

Yeah, me neither.

Maybe these links will help...

Hustle and Flow, the Redux [PSAMP]

The Chin in Kansas City? You guys got an extra $10 mil lying around? [Arrowhead Addict]

I see Van Halen, I link to it [Sportsocracy]

If these chicks were there my freshman year, I never would have transferred out of State College [Busted Coverage]

Scott Linehan better start winning, or else (we'll send him back Bob Ligashesky) [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

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