September 15, 2008

AFC North Headline(s) of the Day...

Browns headline overload!

Ah yes, in the wake of what proved to be a very disappointing loss for the Browns, the Cleveland media has gone wild with gems like the headline above and the headlines below.

A 44. Yep, that sounds about right. I mean, what did you expect? Conditions notwithstanding, Braylon Edwards looked a little like Nate Washington and his second receiver was some dude named Steptoe?

Plus, Jamal Lewis looked like a waste of a 3-year contract extension and Romeo Crennel looked like Jim Zorn (the Zorn of Week 1, of course...and the playcalling, not the physical characteristics...obviously).

Which provides ample segue into the following auxiliary headlines of the day...

But if these ain't enough, feel free to peruse the following links at your leisure...

I would've rather seen a Dallas Cowboy, but whatevs [Playing the Field]

Browns fans give us the ol' one fingered salute [PSAMP]

Don't worry, I support you, Ron Cook [Post-Gazette]

Romeo Crennel learned more than we thought from Belicheat [PFT]

Oh, Jake The Snake. Say it ain't so... [TMZ]

Here's an apt analogy - the Browns likened to Chili...I mean they DO both involve shit. But somehow, I don't think that's what Lori meant [Hockey, Football and Stiletto Shoes]

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