September 18, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

You know, I really am trying to spread the love around the division. But the Browns headlines just keep on giving. How can I ignore them?

First off, nice work on the obvious joke, Associated Press. Must've taken you at least two minutes to dream up that one. And I give you my no money back guarantee that it's never been used before. But secondly, are we all that surprised?

Look, every year the media wants to find a team to be the trendy pick for playoff contender. And almost every year, they're way off.

"I think the Cardinals are going to explode this year with Denny Green at the helm and Edgerrin James in the backfield, Leinart at QB."

"The Texans look strong with the acquisitions of Matt Schaub and Ahman Green, not to mention their first round pick, Amobi Okoye and incumbent Mario Williams."

"Hey, how 'bout them Bengals? The conversation begins and ends with Carson Palmer."
Give me a break. Someone should remind them that there are certain constants in this life. Death, taxes and the Cleveland Browns sucking.

Am I wrong?

Either way, perhaps the headlines below will prove a hair more clever...

Someone paid $7,000 bones to watch last Sunday's game with Greg Lloyd...How'd that work out for you? [Sean's Ramblings]

Troy Polamalu - Defensive POTW. You've just been MS Painted! [PSAMP]

J Peezy - Someone else's problem [Joey Porter's Pit Bulls]

Visual evidence the the O-Line in fact, is not sucking right now [Hockey, Football and Stiletto Shoes]

Pretty sure the only thing Tyler Thigpen should be studying is his playbook. Certainly not how to properly take a skeleton from behind...unless that skeleton is Larry Johnson [Deadspin]

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Timmy B. said...

It seems as though the media does the best it can to funnel bullshit right into our laps and have us believe it. They would have you believe that Matt Cassel is Tom Brady for the simple fact Matt became the starting QB the same way Brady did. They also want you to believe that Tavaris Jackson is so good he needs to sit the bench. As for the Browns, I agree Cotter, what will they say next? My guess is it will do something with the Bengals sucking and then make some stupid jungle pun.