August 20, 2008

OFTOT's Season Preview Weeks 9-17...

Yesterday was fun. I had fun, didn't you? Lots of comments, lots of love [and cheerleader herpes] in the air. Must be football season.

Anyways, as promised, you'll find Part II of OFTOT's 2008-2009 Season Preview pasted neatly below for your amusement. Feel free to discuss any and all headlines/photoshops in the comments.

Lights, Camera, Action, Roll 'em...

OFTOT's 2008-2009 Season Preview

Week 9 vs. Washington (Away)

Rumor has it Daniel Snyder likes Wide Receivers.

Week 10 vs. Indianapolis (Home)

I'm still pissed off about Troy's interception-fumble-recovery.

Week 11 vs. San Diego (Home)

I can't wait to watch Silverback hurdle LT again. Ah, the memories.

Week 12 vs. Cincinnati (Home)

Where are Sam Wyche and Boomer Esiason when you need them?

Week 13 vs. New England (Away)

Cue Tobiathan. Where you at, brotha'?

Week 14 vs. Dallas (Home)

So wait, you play in Dallas but you train in SoCal? Sounds pretty she-she.

Week 15 vs. Baltimore (Away)

Kyle Boller? Are you even trying anymore?

Week 16 vs. Tennessee (Away)

Had to part ways with Neil O'Donnell once too. See, we aren't so different.

Week 17 vs. Cleveland (Home)

I think everything that needed to be said about the Browns was said during Monday Night's preseason game.

That my friends, is all she wrote. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the two part Season Preview extravaganza as much as I did. And I promise to give you back those brain cells at some point this season. Probably not today though. Or tomorrow...Or...uh, I'll just uh, call you later...



Christy said...

Apparently you are not aware that Jessica Simpson has the worst kind of herpes...Tony Homo herpes. Ew.

marc said...

Our schedule blows

Anonymous said...

I don't know how Giselle handles Tom Brady's melon head. I feel like it would be like a wrecking ball at times. Also, I pitty the Steelers blogger with Jessica. If her track record means anything, his site is about to tank. Lastly, "this man holds a clipboard like nobody's business." Nice.

domski43 said...

Romo herpes = losing in the first round of the playoffs two years in a row (insert sad face)

Collinsworth is a d-bag

Cotter said...

christy ~ Good call. Not sure HOW I overlooked that. Actually, I don't even like Jessica Simpson (in general)...I just thought it'd make a funny joke. Though if she propositioned me, I just might have to listen...

marc ~ Straight to the point. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Right on! Still, assuming we run through our division foes and sprinkle in a few extra wins here and there (hopefully vs. Philly, Jacksonville and New England would be nice too) we should be ok.

lori ~ Refreshing to hear that unlike so many misguided members of the female persuasion, you're not part of the Tom Brady stalking contingent. And I never noticed the shapeliness of his head. Good observation. You clearly have been closely analyzing the game film...

And RE: Jessica Simpson comment...not to worry, this site has been tanking since Day 1. But I'm working real hard at it. That's gotta count for something, right?

Cotter said...

Oh, and...

domski ~ Pop Quiz...Who's worse - Collinsworth or Phil Simms?

I'll await your response...same goes for the rest of you.

marc said...


tecmo said...

Simms. I didn't mind Collinsworth on the NFL Network broadcast of games

random asshole said...

I didn't mind Collinsworth, either. Then again, anything is better than Bryant Gumbel.

Cotter said...

Ugh, Bryant Gumbel. Wow, we just went THERE...You're right, random asshole, he definitely sets the bar high for sucking!

I'm with Tecmo though, but not because I don't mind Collinsworth. I mind Collinsworth plenty.

But more because Collinsworth is only in the studio. Simms is out there in the broadcast booth shitting on the Steelers during games!

Although, Collinsworth is doing games on NFL Network now, isn't he?


domski43 said...

All the commentators named above suck

I guess I'm even more upset w/ Collinsworth because I have to hear his voice every time I play Madden '09...automatic mute!

P.S. did anyone see Collinsworth sitting w/ Michael Phelphs mom? HOMO!