June 6, 2008

RIP "Mad Dog"...

There seems to be an unfortunate trend developing among members of the esteemed Steel Curtain Defense. That is, dying before their time. Earlier this offseason we lost Ernie Holmes. Now, Dwight White.

White died [presumably] this afternoon at a hospital in Pittsburgh following complications suffered from a previous surgery. As of yet that's all we know. But really that's all we need to know.

Again, it's disheartening when ANYONE dies so young (in my mind 58 is young...for death at least). But when it's such an honored member of the football tradition and one of the most revered Steelers of all time, it's just that much more sad.

RIP Dwight, may you sack Roger Staubach over and over again for eternity, each time rising to your feet with a huge smile on your face remembering all you did throughout your life and career.

Sad news for a Friday...Tec and I will be raising a glass for Dwight shortly.

Former Steelers DE Dwight White dead at 58 [Associated Press]
Former Steelers Defensive End Dwight White Passes Away [KDKA]
Dwight White [Wikipedia]


The Chief said...

Cotter? Help? Why is this happening?

Too many good - and I don't mean good in terms of how they played on the field...

...I mean good in terms of decent human beings. Why are we losing them at a rate of 3 per year since 2000?

I've also given my tribute to Mad Dog on my site as well with a link to an interesting article.

tobiathan said...

I hate to be the one to say it, but did these guys sell a huge chunk of their lives in the '70's to gain thos SuperBowls? Steroids? Coke? Booze? Or just literally playing their hearts out?

They really are dropping like flies, and for no reason it kinda seems....

At least Mike Webster and Ernie Holmes won't be alone up there. I know there're others, but i don't remember who just now.

Anyway, no team will EVER match that one.