May 9, 2008

Meeting People Our Moms Is Easy...

Greetings fellow Steeler fans, it is I, Cotter. Thy bard hath returneth...for today...Ok, sorry, a little slow on the uptake here.

Well, you all know how normally Friday is Meeting People Is Easy day here at OFTOT. And since Sunday is the holiday to end all holidays, Mother's Day (if you didn't know that, god help you), I thought it would only be appropriate to put together a Mother's Day edition of Meeting People Is Easy. So I've assembled, with some assistance from Domski, quite the panel this week.

First, we have Mom Domski. Now, I don't want to get all sentimental on you guys or anything, but the first time I had Mrs. Domski's German Potato Salad, I cried. It was better than Bananas Foster pie. And you don't even know how much I love Bananas Foster. No, but seriously, Mrs. Domski is one of the nicest, most generous, most hospitable, and above all, most tolerating women I've ever met (I mean she did raise Domski). Plus, she buys Domski shoes. I wish my mom would buy me some shoes...but we'll get there later. Mrs. Domski is like a second mother to me. I can't thank her enough for all the times she's hosted me and Domski's other friends. I always know that if we're going to visit Domski's parents, we're going to be in good company. So I'm more than happy to have her as a participant this week, the first of our prestigious panel of four.

Next, we have Mom Bowen. Not to confuse anyone, but Mom Bowen is mother to the...well, Immortal Silky Johnson. I met Mrs. Bowen for the first time I think when Bowen gradiated (sic) from [insert name of college we all attended here]. She and her family had planned a ridiculous feast at a restaurant not far from campus and since I was Bowen's roommate at the time, I got the invite by proxy. 'Twas one of the best meals and most fun nights I've ever had. I couldn't tell you how much food and beverages (draw you own conclusions) we had. I just know it was awesome. PS - I don't know why this all keeps coming back to food...I guess that's the way to my heart. Anyways, Mom Bowen raised a fine young man. And after meeting her those some years ago, it's not hard to see how.

Third, we have Mom Tobiathan. Having just "met" Tobiathan myself not so long ago (perhaps November, was it?), I know little to none of his Mom. But based on the fact that she raised Tobiathan, I can pretty much assume she's a wonderful woman. Tobiathan may have a unique penchant for scrutinizing officials, but he's a really good guy who I communicate with regularly and whose insight I enjoy greatly. He's got a lot to say and he offers an ever-novel perspective on things. So I guess what I'm saying is - the woman who raised Tobiathan must be quite a Mom.

And last but certainly not least, we have Mom Cotter. Some of you may remember my Mom's first introduction to the world of OFTOT. Well I'm pretty sure she still reads the blog from time to time (and I'm pretty sure she still thinks the Steelers stink). My mom...where do I Well, let's just say my Mom is one of the most amazing people I know. She doesn't look like much (measuring up at a menacing 5'2" maybe) but she does the job of ten pint sized women. Words cannot even express how much I love and appreciate the woman who raised me...and you all know it couldn't have been easy for her. She raised me to become a hard working, loving, caring and honest person, and for that I can't show her I love her enough. My apologies for the misty eyed tangent here...but hey, it's my mom, man...

So now that you're apprised of our All-Star OFTOT Mother's Day lineup. Let's get to the meat of it, shall we? As usual, if anything below seems blurry or illegible, click on the image to enlarge. And just so you know - this week's image quality was severely comprised by the fact that when I scanned the thing from Sports Illustrated, I was using my own personal scanner, and not the high-tech gadgetry they've got in my office...

Happy Mother's Day everyone, now go show your Moms how much you love them!

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marc said...

Happy mothers day all you moms out there, although us kids don't show it all the time we love you all and appreciate all that you do.

Cotter, hope your finals went well.

Cotter said...

marc - thanks man! I got one more on Monday. So not out of the woods yet. But I'm still standing. So that can't be too bad. 'Tis now out of my hands. We shall see about the end result.

...and yes, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there in Steeler Nation!

tobiathan(it's me mom: toby) said...

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I know you're out there reading this. Aren't you proud of your semi-literate lil' punkin'?

BTW- My mom's the supercoolestest.

mommy's lil monster(tobiathan) said...

and Happy Mom's Day to all the other SteelerNation moms!

Where would we be without ye???

PS- anybody tell me what band sings a song with the same name as my title on this post? Ten points if'n ya kin....

tobiathan's mom's son said...

And thanks for the kind words about my Momma an' me, Cotter-mon. It's always great to be appreciated!

You're an excellent Bloginator. Mom-Cotter should be proud!

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Happy Mother's day mom! Happy Steelers Mother's Day, and Happy Eagles Monther's Day too.

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...
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