April 3, 2008

Sometimes Sorry Just Isn't Enough...

"I don't know man, that looked like holding to me...
Eh, you know what? Screw it. We'll just apologize later.
Ok, I have absolutely no idea how I missed this one yesterday. But that apology we all expected after that Wild Card playoff loss to Jagoffville Jacksonville finally came on Tuesday.

Yep, NFL Head of coordinating conspiracies Officiating Mike Pereira admitted that his crew got it wrong on the "miracle" 4th and 2 play. You remember. The one in which QB David Garrard somehow managed to gain 32 yards through a Texas sized hole, and not a flag was thrown. And you'll also remember of course, this play set up the Jagoffs Jaguars for a game winning three points...which was a nice touch.

Now, while the Steelers didn't lose that game on a holding no call, it sure as hell would've helped had the officials gotten it right. I mean there was obviously way too many things contributing to that loss. But if you look at the last clear chance the Steelers had (essentially), it's a lot harder to say we would have still lost had they called holding. Nonetheless, crying is for Seahawk fans pussies...and we're no pussies (ok maybe Domski is).

So Mike, I guess we can accept your apology. But luckily that doesn't mean we can't hold it against you later...I'll be seeing you around, hoss...Ok, no I won't. But I'll definitely curse at the TV a few times every time you appear...Which is probably like once a year...But that one time...Man, you better be ready for a barrage of four letter words that you can't hear like you've never not heard before. You've been warned.

Anyone else care to comment?

Playoff Flag That Wasn't Thrown [Post-Gazette]

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domski43 said...

i'll let tobiathan handle this one.


tobiathan said...

Well, well, well:

the Domski-nator nailed: i will handle this one.

I cried like a Seahawk fan all year about the miserable officiating in Steeler games. And, apparently(and as usual) i was right. Is it just me, or do the Steeler get an "official apology" about poor occiciating every, single MFing year we lose in the playoffs? How many compensation-draft picks have we had in the last ten years as a result of game-turning miss-calls? I can think of at least three right off the top of my head.

If it hadn't been for the officials the Cheatriots would never, ever have won a playoff game in Pittsburgh: both those AFC Championships were "won"* by the Patricheats in last-minute, game-changing penalty calls. And how many other totally unbelievable and wholly outrageous cases of ridiculous calls by zebras have we seen over the years here in SteelerNation?

If it weren't for official interference the Steelers would literally be playing in at least every other SuperBowl for the last seventeen years. Cowher took them to SIX!!! AFC Champ. games! He actually managed to win two of them despite the best efforts of the officials.

I'll admit that we did have some officials-style help in SBXL. And we damned well deserved it. If the stripes had played it straight the Steeltown would be sitting on ten SB victories right now.

So yeah: the fcukers ripped us off. Again. How bad is it when Pereirra has to admit at least twice a season that Pittsburgh got fuct by bad officiating?

Patricheat fans think they're mistreated for getting caught cheating. Ha! Steeler fans have to watch the League's sanctioned jackasses cheat us in every close game we get into.

Luckily, i'm the only one anybody has to hear cry. Most of the time..

Go Stillers!

PS- Thanx for the lead-in, Doms!

domski43 said...

you da man brother