April 14, 2008

The 2007 NFL Draft Ruined My Life...

For the record, I hate draft speculation. I like reading about it. But I hate doing it myself. Mainly because I rarely get a chance to do anything I'd qualify as "scouting" potential picks. Plus, in case you hadn't noticed I generally don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to everything else. Why would it be any different when it comes to the draft? So my opinion is largely based on what I hear from friends and what tidbits of information I pick up from The Pompadour ESPN draft "expert," Mel Kiper Jr.

Nevertheless, I recognize that it is a hot topic for us Steeler fans so I'm officially lifting the "draft talk" embargo here at OFTOT.

I figured the natural place to start is Branden Albert and Gosder Cherilus, since they're the guys who seem to keep popping up on the "experts" draft boards. I'm not really going to say a lot about each. Just enough to spark a conversation. So you guys are going to have to weigh in here...please...maybe...help a brotha out?

Anyways, keep in mind - I'm not kidding when I say I haven't spent much time "scouting." 'Cause, you know, I pretty much only have time to read about fun stuff like Subject Matter Jurisdiction or Collateral Estoppel. Basically if it's not written in a large, hardbound volume that rivals the Bible in girth, I haven't seen it.

Here goes...

Branden Albert ~ At 6'6", 309 lbs., he seems to fit the bill quite nicely. What's more, I dig his record on sacks allowed - only 6.5 in 773 snaps (last 25 games). With Alan Faneca gone, Chris Kemoeatu having played only a limited number of snaps and Kendall Simmons just kind of hanging around, we could certainly use the depth if nothing else. Although apparently, "he is a bit inconsistent when it comes to hitting the moving target as a second level run blocker..." Don't know about you but I'm less worried about his second level run blocking than I am about his first level protecting of the Steelers $102 million dollar investment. Nahmeen?

Gosder Cherilus ~ 2 out of 3 mock drafts surveyed said the Steelers pick will be Gosder ICantPronounceThisLastNameToSaveMyLife-us. I'm not terribly discouraged by that. I mean I'm not sold on Willie Colon playing out of position at RT any longer than he has to, and if Cherilus were good enough to come in and start, that'd free up a fourth Guard. He's basically the same size as Albert, but slightly slower. What's more, the "experts" do think he "can get to the second level." So we'd have that going for us.

This said, I actually have a feeling the Steelers are looking at either a Running Back or Wide Receiver in the first round. Call me crazy, but I don't think the fact that they brought in Jonathan Stewart, Chris Johnson, Malcolm Kelly and James Hardy last week was a coincidence.

Of course, they could always go Tight End. I mean, it's like Brady Quinn says - "there's no such thing as too many tight ends..."

What are your thoughts on these two? Who do you guys like?

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Marc said...

Albert is going in the top half of the round, people are saying he'd be a stud LT, so that makes his value too high for us. Cherilus wouldn't be a bad pickup, but that still leaves LT as a need next year.

I think we could go with anything in the first round, but i'd be really pissed if we got a RB, it's a deep draft in running backs and we have a lot more pressing needs. We had a lot of players in, from all positions so I wouldn't look at that too highly.

We did have the safety from Miami in and he's a stud, that would be one hell of a safety tandem, Troy and Kenny Phillips.

Anyway I hope we go O-line, CB, O-Line, RB, who cares we never hit on the picks later anyway.

quiet strength said...

Whoever we take in the first round, I just hope he makes as big of an impact as Timmons did last year. I know those are some pretty big shoes to follow though...

Cotter said...

marc ~ yeah I hear you and I agree with you that we should prob go O line. I mean if you look at the lineman we've drafted in the first two rounds over the last ten years you've got Alan Faneca, Marvell Smith and Kendall Simmons, all good caliber guys who are currently starters. Not a bad track record...

qs ~ What the hell is that avatar? And hey, no one will ever hold a candle to Timmons man. Unrealistic expectations...

What do you guys think about CBs? Who will realistically be around at 23 that might be worth a look?

domski43 said...

aquib talib seems to be slipping down the board...as we saw last year (aka Brady Quinn/Adrian Peterson) slipped from their "speculated" position, so anything can happen and no one is an "expert."

i definately like james hardy in the 2nd round...tall = ben happy, lots of tds = red zone monster

Marc said...

The more i see what's available, the more i would like the steelers to trade out of the first round, i would love to trade with the falcons for their two second rounders.

quiet strength said...

Haha, it's from a movie called Stage Fright where this guy dresses up in an owl costume and kills people with a chainsaw, buzzsaw, drill, and other household items. Two thumbs up!

Yeah, but since I didn't watch hardly any college football I don't really feel qualified to do anything more than post indignant responses to whomever we do end up drafting. I did go to Indiana University though, so I can give an official scouting report on James Hardy: He was good at basketball. He's probably good at football, but I don't really know because no one at IU cares about the football team. Let's see Mel Kiper Jr. come up with something that comprehensive.

Marc said...

Youtube is wonderful for highlight clips of players. BTW i still do have a football crush on Megatron (Calvin Johnson) he's unreal.

Marc said...

Youtube is wonderful for highlight clips of players. BTW i still do have a football crush on Megatron (Calvin Johnson) he's unreal.

domski43 said...

what i learned from attending the 07 draft....

if you plan on going to the draft do not drink beer bongs the night before or play 3-man using gator nation rules....it will not turn out well

plus if you arrive late to stand in line for a ticket....do not cut in line unless you feel like being harassed

do not bring women with you to the draft (unless they truly love football)

only the top 5-7 prospects show up

it was fun to watch brady quinn continue to look uncomfortable as team after team passed on him...(you could see his pockets getting lighter and lighter..thought he was about to cry)...eventually roger goodell ushered him into a private area so that brady wouldnt have to endure every sports media outlet putting their cameras right in his grill

did i miss anything cotter?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Branden Albert will be gone. I'm skeptical of Cherilus. Anybody have any opinons or insight about Sam Baker (OT, uSC)?

Of the receivers, I like Malcolm Kelly, but he'll be gone. I never saw James Hardy. Question marks about the health of Limas Sweed, but worth a look. Still, probably not at 1.23.

Cornerbacks: Not a fan of Agib, but I kinda like Antoine Cason (Arizona). Maybe at 1.33. Not sure about 1.23.

Running backs? What's the point? Ain't gonna happen, not in the first round, although I wouldn't mind seeing them grab Owen Schmitt (FB, WVU) in the third round, if available.

Cotter said...

marc ~ Your man love for the Megatron is touching. We all thank you for sharing. Haha, what??

domski ~ You forgot to mention that Raiders fans are still vaginas, AND bathrooms in Manhattan are hard to come by when you need them. I already knew the latter but it's important to mention nonetheless.

JPPB ~ I took a look at Baker. He has a slightly better record protecting the QB than both Albert and Cherilus, but is significantly slower than both. I think he's rated right behind Cherilus? Anyways, seems worth a look.

T Diddy I Athan said...

My money says Scmitt goes a lot higher than round three. Him outrunning the entire defensive backfield in the bowl game turned a lot of heads. He's a helluva lot faster than his 6'3", 255 implies.

If Pittsburgh takes him he could be everything Mike Allstot was never allowed to be, and we terribly need a short yardage/powerback who can catch and switch up at TE, HB, FB, STer or even punt in a pinch.

Schmitt will be R.O.Y. if he gets even half a chance.