March 19, 2008

Chicks Kevin Colbert Digs The Mohawk...

HEEEEYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO...Guess who's back, bitches?

Yep, and just in time for Terelle Pryor Announcement Day if that were the biggest news this morning...ok, maybe to many it will be.

But for me, and I'm guessing many of you all, the biggest news this morning is the fact that the Steelers made ANOTHER free agent signing yesterday. This time, netting a much needed Center/Guard - Justin Hartwig, formerly of the Carolina Panthers.

First, I'd just like to warn Jeff Reed - dude, you're not the only crazy head of hair in Pittsburgh anymore.

Second, I'd like to say - thank god. This means a number of things to me...Most importantly, that the Steelers probably didn't sign Hartwig to sit the bench behind Sean Mahan. Rather, I'd imagine they're expecting him to assume the position (and by that I mean have Big Ben stick his hands in Hartwig's ass every game) and become the starter at Center (although he can also play Guard) in 2008.

Aside from that, this of course also signals that the Steelers have one less need to address in the impending NFL draft, at least in the first few rounds...Which of course in turn means that maybe now we can draft that 6th tight end we desperately need...

Anyways, in other Offensive Line news - we can all now breathe a collective sigh of relief that the Steelers re-signed Kemoeatu and Essex. If not for this, Cedrick Wilson might've been relegated to starting on the Offensive Line...and I don't think anyone wants that...anyone.

PS - Kemoeatu and Essex got one year deals for $1,417,000 and $927,000 respectively, and Hartwig gets $4,000,000 over two years. Ummm...weren't we like dangerously close to the salary cap well before this week? Sounds like the Steelers better start a "we don't have enough money to pay for Max Starks" fund. I've got 35 cents and some pocket lint I'd be happy to contribute. Actually, make that 32 cents...

Ok, but seriously...where's Terelle Pryor gonna go? I've got 32 cents that says Michigan (sorry Max).

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domski43 said...

I think Pryor will go to michigan..he would be perfect for a rich rodriguez offense.

I like the signing of Hartwig, he will add competition and depth at both guard and center. Hes definately not the answer to all of the steelers' o-line problems, but its a start.

welcome back cotter!

domski43 said...

maybe ohio state can compete with the SEC powerhouses now?...probably not...everyone knows where real college football is played

Cotter said...

I'm pretty surprised he chose OSU. I mean I guess you can't argue with their record. But I thought Michigan was a lock with Rodriguez running the show.

Sounds like OSU just showed him more love. Oh well, either way he wasn't going to PSU so whatever.

MDultrarunner said...

Been a while since I've been on here...been pretty busy. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see them sign Hartwig to, as Colbert said, compete with Mahan for the starting center spot (read: relegate Mahan to backup lineman status). I'm not sure how big Hartwig is, but I hope he doesn't get pushed around like a school girl the way Mahan did. As you noted, this is one less need the Steelers have to address in the draft and it allows them to focus on bigger and better things, like drafting another mohawk-ed player from the state of West Virginia. Or maybe another d-lineman. Or maybe another punter...that'd be a good idea.