February 25, 2008

Larry Foote - OG and Humanitarian...?

Foote and son - an interesting story for another time...
Just a quick post here to highlight something I think will otherwise go unnoticed amidst all the talk about the NFL Combine this week: That is, this story about linebacker Larry Foote donating money to the family of a 10-year old boy who recently drowned in Foote's native Detroit.

Foote, being the upstanding and magnanimous individual he is (at least when it doesn't involve traffic citations), has offered to donate money to defray the family's funeral costs.

As I've pointed out before here at OFTOT - in this era when free agency, big egos and an often times an overpowering sense of entitlement reign free in the NFL, it warms the heart a bit to know that some folks still care about their fellow man (or boy as the case may be).

Good work Larry. You continue to exemplify the morally favorable behavior many of us would like to employ ourselves. IE - way to not be a dick like some other players around the National Football League.

Happy Monday friends, I'm just gonna go over here and take a nap now. Wake me up for that conference call at 2...wait, actually, scratch that. I'll just sleep on the call. Rebel.

Steeler to Offer Funds for Boy's Funeral [Detroit Free Press]
Larry Foote to Offer Funds for Boy's Funeral [Post-Gazette]

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tecmo said...

I've always liked Larry since he came outta Michigan. This just cements how solid of a human he is.