October 18, 2007

Larry Foote: The Original Outlaw...

Because nothing says "badass" like unpaid traffic citations...

In a story that I am inexplicably required to blog about, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has learned that Steelers linebacker Larry Foote was included on a list of individuals with unpaid summary violations (issued since the beginning of 2004).

Don't get too excited though. This wasn't by design. A Steelers rep has already responded, saying that Foote didn't realize he had unpaid citations because the court was sending tickets "to an address in Michigan" where he no longer resides, but that he would pay the tickets immediately.

Watch out Pittsburgh, Larry Foote will violate your traffic laws! And then not pay for it until at least two years later...B.A. (badass abbreviated)

Scofflaws List Creates Traffic Jam On City Web Site [Tribune-Review]

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