November 14, 2007

Wait...Is There A Special Teams Problem or Something?

"Just because things go bad, I don't want to have a knee-jerk reaction and be emotional. We are not in that business. We are professionals...There won't be drastic changes. That is not how we operate."
- Mike Tomlin
Morning Steeler fans! Much is doing in the world of the Pittsburgh Steelers on this fine Wednesday. And as usual, I am making it my duty to bring it all to you in the most entertaining way mocking things most sarcastically...

Nonetheless, I want to start off on a more serious but uplifting note, by saying - I was very glad to hear and see that Fast Willie Parker's visit to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh (just so you know, that's not correct English...) was a thrilling experience for the kids. In case you had not deduced from reading this blog over the past year or so of it's existence (and as usual god bless you if you have been reading that long), I happen to love kids. So while I may have only helped generate like two votes toward sending Willie over there with a $5,000 check, I'd like to think at least you and I both did our parts.

Here are a couple photos from Willie's visit, sent over by the good people at FedEx (they really are very nice by the way, I'm not being sarcastic...hard to tell sometimes, I know):
And now, on to the lighter but equally interesting news items of note for October 14, 2007. Here they are in no particular order:
  • Bob Ligashesky teaches the Ladies about the X's and O's -- Wait, who is teaching people the X's and O's? Maybe not the best person to be teaching anybody anything right now...good thing he had Nate Washington, Bryant McFadden and Partyboy Jeff Reed on hand...and yes, that is a picture of Jeff Reed instructing the ladies (see above). Shortly after that picture was shot, Jeff wowed them all by showing them how to tie a double overhand fisherman's knot in his there even such a thing? I just made that up...

  • Ryan Clark and Jerame Tuman placed on IR -- I believe the Steelers have just told us, once again, it's Chidi Iwuoma time...PS - much buzz around a Chidi return has already circulated the Steelers blogosphere- Read about it here, here and here.

  • "It's a not-so-special season for Steelers in kick coverage" -- Tell me something I don't know...did you guys think of this story all by yourselves? I mean, I dressed myself today but you don't see me going and writing a story about it...

  • Ever wondered how the Steelers relieve those aches and pains? -- I mean, besides prescription drugs and tiger balm...They see Dr. Jeffrey Cohen over in Oakland. Credentials? Well, Cohen has been treating Steelers since the '70's but also, he "had worked on" Mr. Rogers for years...pretty sharp contrast between a 300-pound lineman and a cardigan wearing children's show host...but I guess we all need a little relief, right?
Last but not least, not Steelers news, but I wanted to point out this article, praising Peyton Manning's "toughness" in Indy's Sunday night loss to the Chargers. Wait a minute...If that were Big Ben who threw 6 interceptions in a prime time game, they'd be calling him a hack. But Petyon throws 6 and he's showing "toughness?" Give me a break...Granted, if Ben threw 6 INTs we probably wouldn't have an actual chance to win the game. Nevertheless, I'm severely disappointed in you Sports Illustrated. How are you going to give a guy props who turned the ball over 6 times(!?!?) Somebody look up how many QBs have ever thrown 6 picks in a game, I wanna see those Kordell on that list?

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Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

I hope that lady washed her hands after high-fiving Jeff Reed.

Tobiathan said...

Because Maning is God. don't we all know that by now? Whatever the "experts" say MUST be true! That's why Lord Peyton gets all the praise even when he screws up royally like he did this week.
Now, i admit he did a good job of keeping Indy in the game, but i still think Ben, in his place, coulda won it. Peyton will never, ever leave the pocket and run. He'd rather take a sack. IMHO that's not really the mentality of a hardcore winner.

A winning mentality, that desperation to succeed, will push a QB to do whatever it takes. I'll even go as far as to praise Brady on this point: he will run the ball if he needs to. Just like Ben.