November 15, 2007

Color Me Impressed - Big Ben Gets Media Lovin'...

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I'm just going to throw this on the fire regarding the "no respect" for Big Ben thing...[not to mention severely increase my use of colloquialisms...]

CBS Sportsline has a feature running today that has "NFL experts" Pete Prisco and Clark Judge sharing their feelings on a number of random NFL issues, the first of which is "Who would you take right now: Ben Roethlisberger or Tony Romo?"

Wait wait, no, it's good!

Both Judge and Prisco say right now, they'd take Big Ben. Both point to Ben as more of a model QB than Romo, who they seem to regard as the Brian Westbrook of QBs. And both point out that he's proven he can win big games for the Steelers, namely that little Super Bowl XL thing. Even further, both say they like his arm strength over Romo's. Prisco even goes so far as to say that Ben "looks like a tackle back there playing quarterback." Ok man...whatever you say. Linebacker maybe...Anyways.

I think Judge summarized the mentality of most Ben enthusiasts well when he said -

"I know what I have in Big Ben. What I have is someone who's accurate, who can win, who has a cannon for a right arm and who, lately, has shown an uncanny knack for escaping the pressure."
Congratulations Judge, way to get the net...

Moral of this story = Dudes at CBS are significantly more in touch with reality than dudes at Sports Illustrated. I hate you Dr. Z...

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tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Hmmm...pretty classy move by the MSM.

/sidenote: I don't think this classy thing will ever get old in my mind.

Cotter said...

Nor mine friend, nor mine.

Tobiathan said...

Well "classy" is pretty much the Steeler motif. No other team in the League is as well-founded in honesty and dedication, determination, consistent winning and a lot of other qualities as the Steelers. I mean, the whole thing about releasing Bam Morris *on principal* after he admitted transporting several POUNDS of pot back in the post-SB30 days says a lot about this organization.

If Belithief had been the Steeler coach he'd have been canned immediately, no questions asked. In contrast, the Kraft family said little about the whole issue, Beliturd's job was never in doubt, and all those uber-CLASSY Patricheats fans have done nothing but rationalize it and defend him. Ick. F*ckers.

On a more topical note-

Ben is the total package at QB. If the O-line performed at a higher level there wouldn't be any questions about where he stands in relation to those *other* guys. And neither of the over-hyped other two chumps can run. Period. Brady looks like a nervous, constipated, palsied Whitetail deer when he runs and cries like a schoolgirl if anybody dares to lay a hit on him. Manning almost moves backwards when he runs, he's so slow. So that takes that entire dimension of the game away from those two.

Right now, aside from the O-line issues, the biggest difference i see between Ben and those two is the fact that the League obviously values them far more highly because the referees will not hesitate to flag anybody who puts a hit on either of them. Moreso Brady than Manning, though.

As i've said all along: i hope nobody notices Ben. I hope he goes unsung outside of SteelerNation all year, his whole career. And i hope he wins two or three MORE championships, just to shut Patric*nt fans up.

Gawd, but i hate everything about New England. I'm so sick of hearing this crap.

Wait till the Bills whoop them. Mark my words.....i said it first!

PS- Randy Moss pushes off on every play. I don't know why it doesn't get called, unless it's because Tom effin' Brady is throwing it.

PSS- Attention Buffalo fans/Bills::

Hit Randy Moss early, hard and often. He'll lose his ryhythm AND his temper!


domski43 said... are one crazy dude...where are you from?

Tobiathan said...

lol....where else COULD i be from?

Pittsburgh, baby! And by "Pittsburgh" i mean "in the city limits, tax-paying, Black-n-effin'-Gold bleeding Pittsburgh". Just in case that wasn't quite clear.

Was there really any doubt in yer mind domski?

PS- i only type crazy. in real life i'm the strong, silent type.

Go Stillers!

Cotter said...

In real life I'm Brady Quinn...

domski43 said...

tobiathan...keep it real in the city of steel