November 13, 2007

Daniel Sepulveda - Kind Of A Big Deal at The Cracker Barrel...

It was hardly noon and Sepulveda had already been to church and drafted to the NFL. Kicker Jeff Reed wasn't even awake yet!
In some of the latest hard hitting broadcast journalism to come out of da' 'Burgh, KDKA's Alison Morris got to know the brighter side of the Steelers Special Teams - Kicker/Head Beer Drinker Jeff Reed and Punter/Head Pancake Chef, Daniel Sepulveda. Pittsburgh's odd couple? I don't know if I'd go that far. But these two dudes are definitely completely different ways.

It's no secret that Jeff Reed is the guy that would show up at your party, drink all your beer, probably eat your goldfish, piss in a house plant, and leave with at least 10 of your female friends. But what about Daniel Sepulveda? Well, Jeff Reed may leave with 10 of your female friends, but I'm willing to bet they're all just settling for Skippy because his shy, wallflower friend Daniel Sepulveda was as talkative as that ficus Skippy relieved himself in.

Just for fun, I decided to do some research and learn more about the man behind the leg. What I gathered was...Sepulveda is a soft spoken, god fearing, Austin Texas native, who apparently likes fishing, Chick-Fil-A, mid to late 90's Christian rock and George W. Bush (no comment)... He often takes bike rides, and finds himself attracting fan attention at such consumer electronics retail giants as Best Buy and modestly priced, yet delicious eateries as The Cracker Barrel (side note - Domski spent at least two summers working at The Cracker Barrel...he had one star, and I think they made him wear a hairnet). And while the rest of the known universe under the age of 40 has their own Facebook and/or Myspace page, [unfortunately for my research] Sepulveda is thus far sans-social networking.

Also, his nickname is Spatula, though I'm still not sure why. Maybe it's because he likes pancakes and considers himself a gourmet pancake chef. Or maybe it's because that's what you need to peel the guys off the turf who he's flattened on punt returns. Either way, this 6'3", 230 pound mass of muscle is quite a contrast to our beloved Jeff Reed...which is only appropriate considering the world can only handle one Skippy.

And there you have it. The less than 30-second life story of the man they call Spatula. I hope you're all better people for having read this...errr something...

PS - Alison Morris is pretty's a fact, look it up.

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