October 11, 2007

Kellen Winslow Is Soft AKA - Thursday with Joey Porter...

You know what? In my bye week daze, I completely overlooked the fact that the Browns are facing Peezy and the Dolphins this weekend! Thank god for Joey Porter's mouth and penchant for talking shit, otherwise it would have taken me 'til Sunday to realize that the Joey-Kellen Winslow story is back in full effect.

In what I'm calling a desperate attempt to breathe ANY life into the Dolphins, who are still hungover from that 1st round Ted Ginn Jr. shocker, Joey is revisiting his "feud" with the Browns tight end this week, telling the media:

"He's a receiver, really...He's not a tight end, because he's not going to block anybody. I'm not knocking his game; he's a receiver.
And for the record, he would also like us all to know:
"If you ask me who's going to win the Joey Porter-Kellen Winslow battle: Me. He's not going to block me and stop me from doing anything I'm going to do."
I don't have much to say in response to that. Yes Joey, basically he is a receiver. A receiver who's probably going to burn your team to the tune of 8, maybe 9 catches for 110 yards and at least 1 TD. Don't get me wrong, by rite I have to hate him because he's a Brown. But you can't argue that he's not one of the best pass catching tight ends in the league. Now, you COULD argue he's got some pretty shitty judgment...but we all make our mistakes, right Ben?

Anyways, I'm not against admitting that I loved watching Joey Porter play, in his prime. But this is just another reason why I'm happy he's no longer with us. Joey Porter - a drain on another team's financial assets aka somebody else's problem. Enjoy that matchup Sunday, Joey...

Porter Renews Feud with Winslow [SI.com]

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Anonymous said...

Winslow is soft. Although he can make ice cream out of yellow snow with run-after-catch yards he is NOT a blocker of any kind. Although I can't quote specific instances i remember him doing more cheering his running bbacks as they ran by him than attempting to actually block for them.

Maybe Hines Ward needs to start a league-wide "Catch-'em and Smash-'em" clinic? Okay....no. We'll keep that to 'R Stiller selfs.

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