October 11, 2007

Kellen Winslow Is Soft AKA - Thursday with Joey Porter...PART II...

Everybody's a comedian, as they say...and Kellen Winslow just showed us his inner Jerry Seinfeld in an interview responding to Joey Porter's comments from earlier in the day.

In one of the more poignant things he's probably ever said, quoth Winslow -

"I think Joey Porter needs a hug,...He's so angry, man."
Then, Winslow, who was obviously in a very selfless state of mind, gave Joey this little jab:
"I'm not into the individual-battle thing...It's a team thing. We're 2-3 and they're 0-5 and we're looking for a win. He doesn't have to worry about me. He should be worried about the team concept. They're 0-5 right now."
For those of you keeping score, that's Kellen - 2, Joey - 0. But Winslow really delivers the knockout blow when he gets personal, saying:
"He's not even their best player."
As they'd say in the street - "oh no he didn't" (insert your own accent and attitude). Sounds like it's time to settle it on the field. Two men enter, one man leaves. Dolphin Stadium aka Thunderdome.

Winslow Fires Back at Dolphins' Porter with Some Kindness [Associated Press via Yahoo! Sports]

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