October 10, 2007

Slim Pickins...

Boy, no one said finding things to write about on a bye week would be easy. Yikes.

Nonetheless, there are SOME things happening around the league that we can read into and/or laugh about. And hey, if things get really bad I can always spend some time shitting on the Bengals.

But for now, I proudly bring you yesterday and [some of] this morning's most interesting news items:

  • Sir Fast William Parker graces the cover of the latest ESPN the magazine. Gee, ESPN is jumping on the bandwagon while he's on top...completely out of character for them...

  • Hey Marvin Lewis...Need linebackers? I hear Chad Brown's available...

  • "Offensive Guard Alan Faneca plans to do "nothing." -- KDKA.com reporting on what the Steelers will do with their bye weeks...The irony is palpable....er...kind of...

  • This might be the worst picture of Mike Tomlin ever taken. He looks like he's about to pinch one off. Am I wrong? (now, aren't you glad you read this?)

  • Carolina Panthers? Vinny Testaverde? Seriously? What, Jeff George wasn't available?

  • Even when TO isn't saying anything, he's still saying something...what a dick. (why am I even writing about this...?)

  • Yesterday's Mike Tomlin words of wisdom: "We fall short of perfection and we're not a finished product. We are trying to get better. We are going to take good use of this time." Get those pads on Anthony Smith, we're hitting today!

That about wraps it up for now. But never you fear, I'm sure I'll have plenty to say later on. Check back. Until then, VOTE on the poll to your left and feel free to leave me comments telling me what an idiot I am. Cotter, out!

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