April 4, 2007

"Rebuilding Year"? Let That Term Be Stricken From All Dictionaries in Pittsburgh...

Perhaps you, as Steeler fans (or at least as I assume you are), had already been thinking this. But lest ye have any doubt that the media feels the same way, never you fear.

Today, ESPN.com and Scouts Inc. posted a feature of the Steelers as part of their individual team previews leading up to April 28's draft, the crux of which was that the Steelers have the talent to win NOW. Despite what some might say (but who listens to Browns, Bengals or Ravens fans anyway?), the losses we suffered in Cowher, Whisenhunt, Grimm, Porter, and Hartings were not catastrophic. In fact, the team that went 8-8 last year, theoretically should have been at least 10-6 and made the playoffs, if not registered an even better record and won the division. I'll try not to cry too much about it.

But I digress...As pointed out by ESPN.com, Big Ben is an outstanding starting QB with great instincts, and Tomlin is a charismatic, smart young coach to whom the players can relate and could enjoy instant success in Pittsburgh. After all, we're only one season removed from an historic Super Bowl run (you might remember we were a #6 seed and won every playoff game on the road to make it to the big one - perhaps we've heard the story too many times...).

As for their draft predictions - it was pretty much more of the same - Jarvis Moss or Lawrence Timmons (IE guys who are versatile enough to play in a 3-4 or a 4-3). Smart picks, but I'd like to see the Steelers seriously consider Levi Brown (who coincidentally visited with the team today...wink wink). If we could build up the left side of our line we could open up a whole world of offensive opportunities, and I for one am partial to guys out of Ol' Penn State (showing some personal bias here, but who cares, it's my blog, right?). Course, if we could get Joe Thomas...I might throw personal bias out the window. Frankly if either drops down to the number 15 spot I'd be pleasantly surprised...

Brown, Thomas, Moss...I'm happy with any of them.

Either way, don't you think Mike Tomlin bears a striking resemblance to the black doctor on Fox's show, "House"? Yeah, me too. I've been thinking that for a while...good thing I finally stumbled on the post from Deadspin.

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