April 11, 2007

People Who Might Be Crazy, Part I...

I just want to point out that contrary to my personal belief (and probably a lot of other Steeler fans beliefs), "jcm412" on Steelers Live thinks that 2007-2008 SHOULD be a rebuilding year?!?! Puzzles the hell out of me (and I think Post-Gazette's Blog n' Gold might agree with me) how anyone can think we need a "rebuilding year." What, prey tell, would you have us rebuild? The only vulnerabilities the Steelers have now are LB, OL (technically only one side), and one could make a case for either Defensive Back and/or Running Back. But frankly, we're a pretty solid football team, which is more than I can say for a lot of the teams desperately snatching up sub-par or mediocre free agents this offseason. Who are we? The Browns? Nonetheless, "jcm412, you are entitled to your opinion, and despite the rebuilding part, the guy drops plenty of good knowledge. I especially like how he slips in a hope to see Tony Hunt and Paul Posluszny in Black and Gold (go State!).

Next, we've got "DR U Fantasy Football", who included WR among the Steelers draft needs this April. I mean I guess I understand the argument that Hines Ward is getting long in the tooth, but come on, he's not that old. We JUST drafted a first round WR last year, and with Cedric Wilson and Nate Washington I think we can stretch the field pretty well (or at least should be able to, in theory). But maybe he meant for the 4th or 5th round, in which case, eh, maybe I agree a little bit.

I just think it's a testament to my point Monday - draft speculation is really not even worth our effort because first and foremost, the Steelers have always had success in the draft, and have given us no reason to believe they wouldn't continue this tradition on April 28. Plus, I could throw out a million names, but it's all pretty cut and dry - we know what we need and we'll get it. No sense in spending hours writing about it.

Wow, that sounded kind of negative, huh? Weird, 'cause I'm in a really good mood. Oh well.

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domski43 said...

If the Steelers draft a cornerback with their first pick I will be completely perplexed and disappointed. After Tomlin's praise of Ike Taylor's abilities and upside, drafting a cornerback in the first round would contradict his previous comments. Plus, dust off your Steelers' Super Bowl XL DVD and watch the clutch plays Bryant McFadden and Ike Taylor made in big games to ensure that you can watch that DVD!! Not to mention Deshea Townsend is an excellent nickel cornerback, and with the weak safety job going to Anthony Smith I still love our secondary. Now, am I living in the past??? I guess, but any cornerback needs a good pass rush...Everyone has heard it before.."No one can cover a receiver all day." So, am I the only one to notice that the majority of our blitz packages were being picked up last year, which allowed the quarterback to assess all of his options and pick our secondary apart??? The answer is NO! I think Kevin "God of the draft" Colbert knows this as well. Now, was it the interior defensive line's fault or the linebackers?? I dare to say it was the linebackers who could not get to the quarterback.