May 1, 2009


Nobody tackles the tough political issues quite like Dave Chappelle. Well, except maybe P Diddy, that is.

I only wish that Dave was still making his show so that we could hear his take on Supreme Court Justice Souter's rumored retirement. I'm sure it would be both informative and stimulating...

I'm Wayne Brady, bitch.

Anyways, last night I had my last class of the Spring 2009 semester. Which should have been a joyous occasion. But unfortunately, all it really means is that I've gotta spend basically the next two weeks up to my ears in shit I pretty much couldn't care less about.

Should be a fun time.

So since I've far surpassed my procrastination quota already this week, I'm gonna go read some books now.

You all, enjoy your Fridays. And I leave you with...

No idea why that's in my head this morning.

Oh, and some links...
HEYO, the Browns suck at the draft!
Hines Ward on the Freakshow this morning!
Ziggy Hood talks to ESPN Pittsburgh
Quite possibly the best WIN ever

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1 comment:

Marc said...

So happy it's Friday. Here's to my weekend of drinking, and Cotter's weekend of looking at pictures of Brady Quinn naked.

Go Pens!