April 29, 2009

Headline of the Day...



No headline. Just relax and enjoy how ridiculous of a picture that is.

How can you not laugh at that???

Peyton Manning is one goofy looking motherf*@#er...

What's with the "Bacon" at the beginning? Don't these hacks know there's a swine flu going around? Such insensitivity. Unreal.

Links are up!

China Jack and Sally Wiggin sitting in a tree. Awesome. [PSaMP]

All I saw was the 1st picture and that's all I needed to see... [Steve Is Alive]

Ziggy Hood - if he doesn't work out as a DT, he's always got his roller skating abilities to fall back on... [Deuce of Davenport]

Wait, Larry Foote ASKED to be released?? [Post-Gazette]

Sansmokio's arraignment was today. He couldn't make it though. He was too busy eating Taco Bell [Trib]

A profile on Frank The Tank Summers [Post-Gazette]

The Ravens main focus in '09-'10 is overtaking the Steelers. Shocking. [Ravens Insider]

Eric Mangina does not have a friend in Texas [Yahoo! Sports]

The Bengals drafted a bunch of guys with character issues. What's new? [Shutdown Corner]

But at least it should make for good entertainment on HBO... [Yahoo! Sports]

Please God, no! [Shutdown Corner]

HHR and adventures in vlogging from the NFL Draft Classic [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Drew Rosenhaus doesn't think Edgerrin James will be out of work long. Gee, there's a surprise... [Arizona Republic]

I've heard "Mike Hunt" but wow, hahaha [FAIL Blog]

31 cent scoop night at Baskin-Robbins [Sean's Ramblings]

They stole this one from my personal collection [Sexy People]

And in honor of Santonio's arraingment...

It's Wednesday. Slowly but surely, my friends...

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1 comment:

domski43 said...

what is that in Santonio's hands? Is that medicine for the swine flu?