March 18, 2009

What, Me Worry Write A Morning Post?

Outlook not good.

You wanna know what's going on with the Steelers?

Trai Essex signed.

I'm sure you'll all now be able to sleep again.

Oh, and Marvel Smith is visiting the 49ers.

I have nothing funny to say about that.

If I'm lucky I'll get to a headline today.

But, unlike Anthony Smith, I can make no guarantees.

Should probably go pay attention to whatever this dude is talking about right now.

So I leave you with a challenge - Who can find the most ridiculous image and send it to my inbox?


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Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Post-St. Patrick's Day fog, perhaps? Guiness, Murphy's, Tullamore Dew, Bushmill's and/or Jameson will do that. Take it from one who knows.

Marc said...

Come on Friday!

domski43 said...

Lets go pens?