March 3, 2009

Darnell Stapleton Knows How to Kick It...

Hey Ben, Darnell Stapleton will see your Tao and raise you a Ghostbar.

What the hell am I talking about? Cue the quote...

"Darnell Stapleton of the Pittsburgh Steelers was spotted at Ghostbar inside The Palms in a group of 10 friends enjoying Grey Goose and Hypnotiq."
Grey Goose and Hypnotiq? Way to perpetuate a stereotype there, dude. Afterwards, did you all share a 12 piece bucket? Well, I guess it'd be tough for 10 or 11 [presumably sizable] dudes to share a bucket of 12, but you get where I was headed.

True story - When I was in high school I worked at this place where businesses held their company picnics. One of my friends worked there with me, and he happened to be one of maybe three total employees who were black. They gave him the job of cutting watermelons.

Pennsylvania is all about cultural sensitivity.

/shakes head in disappointment

Anyways, A+ to Darnell Stapleton for that stellar acting job above. I smell Academy Award! It's just a shame they spelled his name wrong in the opening credits. According to Wikipedia, Darnell is spelled with two "l"s. Oops, honest mistake, right?

And if you liked that, check him out in this YouTube goodness (at 0:25)...

While you're at it, see the 1:15 mark too. Go Blue Hens.

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