March 4, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Boy, it just keeps getting better and better, does it not?

All I can say about this is - asphinctersayswhat?

Now, the caveat is, this is from some Broncos blog, or at least what appears to be some Broncos blog, and we all know what that means. Credibility = that of Chris Mortenson.

So I'd take it with a grain of salt.

Still, that doesn't mean I can't write about it.

Could you imagine if this actually happened? After all the heralding of native son Brady Quinn in Cleveland. I would have an absolute field day.

But let's say this did happen - eff that, man. I do NOT want Jay Cutler in the AFC North. He may be a whiny little bitch, but that whiny little bitch can throw some rocks.

Of course, let's be honest - Brady Quinn, Shaun Rogers AND a 3rd round pick? Not like I'd put it past Cleveland to make such a retarded deal, but doesn't that seem just a little bit lopsided to you?

True, Lady Quinn is still a question mark. But Shaun Rogers just made the pro bowl and a 3rd round pick is pretty damn valuable when you're talking about the bottom feeding Gowns (who pick 5th).

Nice try,, but I'm willing to bet even the Browns are too smart for that one.

Besides, Brady Quinn would never go for it. There aren't enough gay studs in Colorado.

Either way, I need a friggin' nap.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Ohio, apparently epic failure Rex Grossman is visiting the Bangles...

I guess now with Harvard bomber Ryan Fitzpatrick gone to the arctic plains of Buffalo, and Carson Palmer still as fragile and dainty as Calista Flockhart, Grossman figures this could be a backup job with the significant prospect of actually getting on the field again someday. Meanwhile, no one knows what happened to Carson Palmer's brother. Rumor has it that no one cares either.

Aren't you glad you're a Steeler fan?

I'm hitting the links today (no I'm not)...

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PS - Douchemanzadeh already looks 10 times fruitier in Seattle...

It's probably all those pastels in the uniform. And maybe partly Jim Mora's face.

PPS - This is the last time I'm asking - if anyone wants to be on this week's Meeting People Is Easy panel, dial up the request line at

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Vern said...

I would trade Brady Quinn, Shaun Rogers and a 3rd rounder for Cutler in a heartbeat. Rogers has well-documented issues and Cutler is a young legit superstar QB.

Cotter said...

Shaun Rogers is a pro bowl DT on a defense that otherwise might as well be made up of Malibu Barbie action figures.

Brady Quinn didn't look too bad last year and is also young. Plus, they still have Derek Anderson under contract, who isn't altogether worthless.

The Browns have so few valuable picks that they won't even have a chance to pick their noses this April.

I think you see where I stand.

Still, I know what you're saying. And maybe you're right. I dunno.

domski43 said...

cutler is not going anywhere.

mcdaniels wanted cassell, it didnt work. There are no other options.

Cotter - how dare you talk badly about Brady Quinn. He is a golden god b/c he went to notre dame! (college football powerhouse) notre dame doesnt even have to play in a conference, they are THAT good!

Cotter said...

Charlie Weis FTW!


tiny350Z said...

In our best interest - let them trade for Cutler. I have faith in our D. And then our offense would dominate the Malibu Barbie defense (great analogy, btw).