March 24, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Finding headlines to write about everyday is actually becoming more of a miserable experience than pretty much anything else about writing this blog.

Sure, if I had more time I could cruise around the intertubes and probably find some funny ass shit. But why do that when I can spend my evenings watching strippers fight over Bret Michaels?

Anyways, here's a headline. Moderately interesting. The Jets. Jay Cutler. Why not?

You might look at this and ask yourself - Is Cutler a fit for the Jets? Which sounds like a valid question. But while I'm sure Kellen Clemens is a future lock for Canton, I don't imagine it could really hurt the Jets to bring in a pro bowl QB either way.

That said, I don't really have the motivation to go anywhere else with this discussion.

Sorry, just not really in the mood to pretend like I care today.

One other thing, however...

Delaware, dude. Clueless.

[Segue to links]...

Steelers model trains rule [PSaMP]

BTSC does a little Steelers Q & A with Jim Wexell [BTSC]

This guy understands [Fox Sports]

The Ravens have revamped their uniforms to mirror their new defeatist attitude [Steely McGnome Predicts]

What do the grazing habits of cows and Bengals fans have in common? Find out (sort of) [Grumpy Old Dog]

TO didn't make it to the Bills offseason workouts. Probably because he's too busy making out with guys [AP]

Oh, Josh McDaniels pledges his loyalty to Jay Cutler? Don't go into comedy, Josh. Because if that's indicative of your timing...all aboard the failboat [AP]

Curt Schilling looking like a child toucher [Walkoff Walk]

Sounds like Doug and Microsoft are on the rocks [Dug E Fresh Rants]

Illuminati and adventures in whiskey tasting. Am I the only blogger who doesn't get free booze? I mean, I talk about it enough. What kind of words does a guy have to write on the internet to get that kind of action? [Great Moments in Christory]

"Sexsomnia." Or, as it's known in the streets - being a slut [Blog of Hilarity]

Lauren Conrad's clothing line ceasing production? I have no more reason to live [The Superficial]

Octovag has obviously realized that as long as she's leeching off taxpayers, she'll be in the news... [CNN]

I'd really like to be the guy who writes this blog. If anyone knows how to make that happen, please let me know [Creation Rex]

Steel City Con - April 24-26 (h/t Illuminati!) [SteelCityCon]

Some might say I mailed this one in.

To those, I say - eff off.

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Get Fresh Designs said...

sweet. two links. Thanks.

tiny350Z said...

Haha... Octovag... Wait, if you take that literally, it's kinda gross.

Cotter said...

doug ~ You're welcome, meng. I do what I can.

tiny350z ~ I'm sure the tampon companies wouldn't mind...did that cross the line?

Grumpy said...

I admire you because you never mail it in, unlike myself. Thanks for the link.

Marc said...

I once read a Tucker Max story that involved a girl with two vaginas that had to be fused together or something.

Pretty gross. I was going to comment on something else, but I am expending all my energy to not think about that.

tiny350Z said...

Didn't cross the line at all... I think porn companies would enjoy that too... My creativity runs amok with this.

Marc said...

Anyway, does anyone know of any DVD sets of the superbowls from the 70s? I would love to have copies of the games from then.

random asshole said...

Holy crap, that Creation Rex blog is awesome. Excellent find.

Noah said...

I guess tips aren't good enough anymore in the economy. Now you have fees to make restaurant deliveries......what is this world coming too? Soon, the Eagles will win a SB or something. Madness!