February 13, 2009

Weekend, SECURED!

Well congratulations, you degenerates. You and I made it through another grueling week of work and/or whatever it is that you do between Monday morning and Friday evening.

And now, most of you [like me] get to enjoy a nice long weekend thanks to some old dead guys that no one has talked about much since 9th Grade history class.

Here's a little Outside Providence action to put you in the mood for the inevitable debauchery of your Friday evening.

Best movie of all time? Certainly cracks my top 10. It doesn't get much funnier than that clip right there.

Better beer up for this one, kids. You're gonna want to equip all beverages as soon as you can. Cheers and here's to making bad decisions!

Valentine's Day sucks.

Keep it real.


Noah said...

Hurray (?) for Single Awareness Day...... *sigh*

Nate said...

Yes, VD does suck.

matt said...

classic. you're a good shit, cotter