February 3, 2009

Steelers Won Super Bowl XLIII, Domski Disrobed...

I wish I was making that up. Had we all known Domski was planning on taking his shirt off when James Harrison recovered Kurt Warner's 3rd Quarter fumble, I think we all might have needed a bathroom break at the same time. But we didn't. And so, in victory, we all bore witness to his half-nakedness. Still not sure how I made it home safely yesterday, now that I'm partially blind.

What a game, huh? I mean, what can you possibly say that would do that win justice? I'm not sure they've invented the words you'd need yet. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times...

The Steelers led for somewhere in the neighborhood of 52 or 53 minutes, and yet, with two minutes and 30 seconds left, we found ourselves with two timeouts, the ball at our 22, and needing to go 78 yards if we wanted to win, a few less for a tie. Enter Santonio Holmes. Four catches, 67 yards, one really disappointing miss and one really awesome touchdown. I seriously thought he'd been pushed out. I thought, no way this guy got his feet in on that. It's cool that I don't know what the hell I'm talkin' about, because I'll be damned if he didn't!

But I think one of my favorite parts about that whole game was the amount of times I saw our guys in Kurt Warner's face, finishing their tackles (wink wink).

You might have forgotten, since we only officially registered The Wood's two sacks, but any chance the Steelers got, they were puttin' Kurt Warner's face in the turf...much to the delight of myself and everyone else watching at Casa Del Domski.

Anyways, you know how you know this was a big game? Because the Pensblog wrote about football.

So I should say - Congratulations, Steelers!!! Cigars all around...

I doubt highly that you need me to play parrot and repeat to you every glorious moment from that win on Sunday night. If it's a vanilla game recap you're looking for, you've come to the wrong place. But I will say this...

Youngest Head Coach to win a Super Bowl EVER.

Longest play in a Super Bowl EVER.

Most Super Bowl Championships of any NFL franchise EVER.

Six WRs have been Super Bowl MVP. Three of those six have been Steelers.

Woodley had 2 sacks and a strip, thus extending his streak to four consecutive playoff games with 2 or more sacks and also extending his streak of consecutive games being an animal to like...at least 19?

Silverback had four tackles, the INT, and the fumble recovery. Check out how fired up Ben was for Silverback's INT...


Santonio the Great had 9 catches for 131 yds, and one supremely badass TD catch, en route to securing the game's MVP award.

Ben was 21/30 (that's 70%) for 256 yds, and was the other part of said supremely badass [game winning] TD. Oh, and on that play he made to Heath, you know which one I'm referring to - did you notice that the defender grabbed Ben's throwing arm, but he spun out and still made the throw?

They should've given out two MVP awards.

The O-Line only let up two sacks! Yay! Maybe we should let them go on that field trip to Sea World they've been bugging us about.

James Farrior had a hell of a game too. Seven tackles, six solo. Old man can still ball. Just ask Edgerrin James.

Timmons was all over the place. He may not have sacked Kurt Warner, but every down he rushed Warner, he came damn close. And in a hurry. Not to mention his closing speed out in coverage. Superman is a vag. TIMMONS is faster than a speeding bullet.

By the way...

Michael Phelps - 8 Gold Medals

Santonio Holmes - Super Bowl and arguably playoffs MVP

What do they have in common?

Thus proving that the real MVP on Sunday night was the Weed.

Santonio = MVP. Most Valuable Pothead. Dan Rooney looks shocked.

We know who the MVP was, but the real winner yesterday?

Mike Tomlin, who escaped the dreaded Gatorade bath. This, I just can't understand. I mean, isn't it like, a rite of passage to get drenched in yellow sugar water that looks like cow piss?

Oh right, and it wouldn't be a Super Bowl win without Hines Ward turning on the waterworks.

Hey, 2 catches, 43 yards. On a bum knee. I'll take it. Cry on, Hines. Cry on.

So what can you say about the Cardinals?

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie...

There's only one word in the English language fit to describe what Santonio did to you on Sunday. Abused. Welcome to the league, rook.

I mean, yeah, I was pretty pissed off that we let them come back. Larry Fitz was his usual self. Uncoverable. I think they had Troy on him for most of the 1st half, which kept him pretty busy. But then in the 2nd half I guess they switched it up more and had Ike on him? Either way, the guy averaged 18 yds a catch and was responsible for almost 2/3 of the Cardinals 23 points. Ridic.

Also, let the record show that Kurt Warner threw for almost 400 yds, and all three of the Cards' TDs. And yet, they still lost. I suppose we could say that says good things about our performance. But not really.

How valuable were all those 4th Quarter comebacks this season? That "practice" paid off big time on Sunday.

By the way, don't let Cardinals fans confuse you, they lost the game from minute one on. They held the lead for all of literally two minutes. Albeit two crucial minutes. But outside of that, no.

The same goes for Cardinals fans pulling a "Holmgren." You wanna blame officiating because Kurt Warner threw a pick six from the 1 yd line, at the end of the 1st half, when you were getting the ball first in the 2nd half? Fine by me. You must understand, though, every team gets a few calls, and gets screwed on a few calls. The only thing that really matters is...

SCOREBOARD. Read it and weep, suckas.

Still, congratulations to the Cardinals themselves. Losing the Super Bowl sucks, but what a post-season they had. Ken Whisenhunt should feel pretty good about where that team's at now. Plus, I mean, any team who's got Mike Boni as a scout has only clear skies ahead. Very well dressed clear skies, in fact. Anyhow, congratulations, but not really.

For those of you wondering what my Mom thought...

This is infinitely better than when she called me a "bee-yatch" on Saturday. Thanks again for the encouragement in life, Mom.

And finally, I've officially launched my campaign to stop any and all merchandise employing this blog's namesake from being sold...

At least without giving me a nod. I have contacted the NFL via NFL.com and I expect them to give the matter the full respect it deserves.

At least print it out before you delete it.




...and so does Domski (who also loves Nicole)...

Big ups to Sheena Beaston for speedily providing the Whitney Houston jam. Clutch effort like Big Ben. I owe you a high five.

Rejoice with me?


Get Fresh Designs said...

i rewatched most of the game last night. Frickin' Hartwig stops ben from getting into the endzone on their first drive. He hits ben and stops his progress.

But, this was a super bowl I enjoyed. SB XL i was a nervous wreck. Not this one.

oh, aren't you going to be a lawyer? you can go after them for part of that money if you can prove you had coined the phase a few years ago.

Vern said...

Who the fuck has a ringless hand, gets a ring, and then decides to put it on their thumb?

F them, Cotter. F them.

tiny350Z said...

I'm with Vern... If we had to wait until the 5th ring to put it on the thumb of our first hand, why would we put the 6th ring on our thumb, and not the other ring finger?? The logical process is flawed.

domski43 said...

What would James Harrison do?

domski43 said...

i want one of those robes

Anonymous said...

Cotter you should have trademarked your phrase, because that was all the players said at the parade. That thing was nuts, wish I could have been there.

For some reason when I saw Woodley's jacket, I thought of Cotter and Tec.

And Ben, that hat, ...NO.

Cotter said...

doug ~ I can't say for sure that I actually coined it, but I never heard of anyone using it before I named the blog. Either way, there isn't much I can do without a registered trademark, which I do not have. I guess I never thought everyone would rip me off without even a nod. Oh well, I don't have the time to Mickey Mouse around with this garbage. I'd love to be making money marketing merchandise with my own blog's name on it, but at the end of the day, as long as it doesn't affect this blogs reputation (or lack thereof), I'm fine.

vern ~ Hey man, you know I agree. Amateurs, dude.

tiny ~ Unreal logic. I chalk it up to laziness. Hear something that sounds catchy, disregard fact that it has no current practical application, and use it anyway. Whatever, like I said, dis blog ain't gon' change a thing until we get that 10th ring. Knowwhatimsayin?

domski ~ And we'd all like you to get one of those robes...for obvious reasons.

ladi izz ~ Tell me about it! Only now am I realizing this. Like I said, though. It's not so much people saying it as it is people using it to make money. Not like I'm making shit by writing this thing. So seeing other people marketing stuff with the blog's namesake is both annoying and a reminder of how inconsequential OFTOT is. Oh well.

PS - Didn't see the hat. I'll have to secure a picture and make fun of him for it later. Thanks for the tip! What was the jacket Woodley had on?

Anonymous said...

Woodley's jacket said "Tap Out" on it. I swear. I'm trying to see if there's a good picture of it.

Vern said...

Cotter...you do have to change one thing. That logo at the top of your page? I only count 5 rings.

tecmo said...


tiny350Z said...

I second tec's motion.

https://me.yahoo.com/ladi_izz said...

It's not the best photo, but you can kind of see the word "Out" on the left side and the "T" to "Tap" on the right. Courtesy of Mondesi's house: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/5615/48375623hn3.jpg

Cotter said...

I should put it on the thumb, just to be a dick.


Tapout, of course. There may be no hope for him at this point.

Anybody else over winter yet?

Cotter said...

Found another pic of The Wood loving his Tapout shit

I hope to God he's got a sponsorship going with them...

Christy said...

Okay, I'm finally out of the hospital after suffering multiple cardiac arrhythmias Sunday evening.

We won the game, right?

Cotter said...

Nope, Cardinals owned us. We should have seen this coming...