February 4, 2009

Jealousy Is A Sickness...

No joke, that post title was the slogan for Greek Games one year, back when Domski and I were fortunate enough to have joined a fraternity. I'm pretty sure once they dropped that one on us, we knew it was time to walk away.

The only thing more embarrassing than admitting that I was once in a fraternity? Admitting that I still have this shirt.

You wanna know what the back said?


But while this shirt may be top 5 worst of all time, it's sentiment does kind of provide an appropriate post title for today.

You know, I honestly thought that with the Super Bowl in the books, and having addressed the issue of crybaby fandom on Monday, I could coast through the rest of the week with some lighter material. Maybe a couple of Photoshops, have some good natured fun at other teams' expense, you know, the usual.

But, nooooooooooo.

This is why I've gotta stop reading.

I love how just because the Steelers won a Super Bowl, things that no one has talked about, nor needed to talk about have again come to light. Dallas, in a move that surprises no one, decided to bring up how the Steelers of the '70s were widely known juicers. While I cannot attest to the validity of that statement, being that 'twas before my time, I see absolutely no reason to bring it up other than sour grapes. And in Dallas's case, we're talking 30 years of sour grapes. You'd think Super Bowl XXX would've shut 'em up. I guess that's what happens when you win a Super Bowl and then begin a decade plus long playoff coma.

Oh, and by the way, I'll answer for the Cowboys - yes, you'd much rather have Santonio Holmes than Bobby Carpenter. The real question is - who the hell is Bobby Carpenter? Santonio = Super Bowl MVP. What's up?

That story is actually worth reading just for this part of the first comment...

"To sum up, the Dallas Cowboys get wayy too much media attention as compared to the Steelers. Why? Lets face it, the Cowboys are the most popular franchise pretty much in all of sports and the Steelers are not even in the top 10. This is why the Dallas Cowboys are America's team....period."
Yeah, most popular franchise in all of sports. For me to poop on!

And here's another gem. I think the headline may say it all - "Steelers QB Succeeds Where McNabb Fails." Honestly, Donovan McNabb must be the type of person who would defend his alcoholic Father for beating his ass every night (Note: I am in no way saying Donovan's father is an alcoholic or that he beat Donovan's ass. I'm just illustrating a point). This is what they write about you after a season in which you take the Eagles to the NFC Championship when no one expected them to even make the post season? And you want to retire an Eagle? Have fun with that.

Caption = FAILblog

Now, given the nature of this headline, I feel it important to once again point out that Philadelphia is, as it has been for the better part of a decade, running a west coast offense, featuring such big name receivers as Hank Baskett, Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis. Yes, of course this is all Donovan McNabb's fault. What a bum! I mean, if you can't win with Greg Lewis on your roster, who can you win with?

Go Eagles!

On a lighter note, you probably saw Ben on Letterman Monday night...

I hadn't. So I watched it last night on YouTube. Good to know Ben is keeping Kemoeatu's ass in line. Get in that ass, Benny!

And if you think your life is cool, think again. Our buddy, and arguably this year's Meeting People Is Easy MVP, John Woods, sent me this pic last night...

Turns out that one of his cronies was standing right there for Santonio's catch. Like I told John, I'd literally kill for this vantage point. Like, I would cut someone, hard. How about that view?

Check this out...

Looks best while listening to this...

Dick Lebeau doesn't mess around.

Oh yeah, they also had that parade yesterday in the Burgh. You know, that ol' thing. Here were some of the highlights...

Santonio apparently decided to listen to his iPod instead.

The Wood was indeed all long-island-douchbagged up again. Just have to remember, he's only 24.

Somewhere, amidst this sea of chaos, some dude robbed a bank. Jesus.

Hines Ward was his usual anti-social self.

Troy Polamalu pulled a Bret Michaels. Which is pretty awesome.

Here were the results. Doesn't look like anyone went for the junk. Bonus.

And I'm not sure, but this may be one of the first public photos of Troy's new son, Paisos. So we've got that going for us...which is nice.

I also told John Woods that if any Cardinals fans or Patriots fans or Seahawks fans stopped by to cry about officiating, I'd simply respond with this pic right here. SUPER BOWL!

Tomlin looked like shit. As usual.

Look at how bad Ravenstahl wants to be Ben. Bromance city.

PS - Don't ever try to search William Gay on Google video. Unless, of course, you like emotional scarring. I think you know what I'm implying.

Still, if anyone can get their hands on that video of the Willie Gay debacle from yesterday, send that shit over.

I did find this disgraceful footage, here. Watch like the last 30 seconds. My question is - what exactly are the team Doctors prescribing these days?

And sadly, I believe that's all I got for this morning.

How are we, then?


lon-ton said...

like you, i can't attest to the validity of steroid complaints about the steelers in the 70's. i also don't know how widespread steroids were amongst other teams including the cowboys.

i do know this, though. steroids were not banned by the nfl until 1987. i'm not condoning their use, but i know that using them wasn't against nfl rules in the 70's. no one ever brings that up when they try to taint the steelers of the 70's.

Noah said...

My 2 sisters, dad, 3 of his siblings and some of their kids went down there to da 'Burgh to witness. Apparently when Polamalu went Bret Michaels, my youngest one was fortunate enough to touch his foot. I need to stop going to college.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dallas,

Ben Roethlisberger: 2-0 in the Super Bowl

Tony Romo: 0-2 in the Playoffs.

Eat that shit.

I think Troy was on whatever Jeff is usually drinking, he was out to lunch yesterday, but I don't blame him.

Willie Gay on YouTube

Cotter said...

lon-ton ~ Totally! I was going to mention that, but I knew the post was already a marathon and I figured someone else would bring it up. Thanks! And I'm willing to bet that if the Steelers were juicing, so was everyone else. Can't be sure, but in that case - level playing field, done.

noah ~ Dude, I hope they at least took lots of pics and sent them to you! If not, you should permanently withhold your love from them until they can rectify the situation through some other gracious act that might equate to sending you pictures of that badass parade. I suggest making them buy you the XLIII DVD when it comes out. That shit is going to be epic!

izz ~ Yeah, I am just calling you Izz in the comments from now on. Don't ask me why. I'm weird like that. Anyways, I think you should do Tony a favor and actually send him that letter. In fact, maybe you should even sign it "Steeler Nation."

PS - Muchas gracias para el YouTube link. No idea how to say "link" in Spanish (even with 8 years of instruction, ha!).

Anonymous said...

actually as an eagles fan, i'd take warner's passing skills over ben's. the way he passes to receivers while they are on the move is something that donovan struggles with. accuracy! i think that ben's decision making skills are more valuable for the steelers than anything else.

Cotter said...

Cool. No one here cares. This is a Steelers blog.

tecmo said...

Yeah, a lot of people keep praising the skills of guys like Warner, Brady, Manning, Palmer...and they're all justified. Those guys have great pocket presence and are prototypical QBs. But at some point, Ben's style, although different from all of the above guys, has to be lauded. It isn't pretty, but no one can argue with the success he and the team have had with it.

Cotter said...

But if you want to discuss the issue - don't you think the receivers Warner was throwing to had something to do with it?

I agree that McNabb has accuracy problems. But with guys like Fitz and Boldin, you can get away with inaccuracy here and there because they'll catch almost anything.

You know what Ben has, though? Ability and confidence in the clutch. No substitute for just being able to win in a big game.

QuickGoat said...

Don't forget Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt for the 1 time he won the Super Bowl.