February 26, 2009

Santonio Holmes Was Going To Have A Preliminary Hearing...

But then he got high.

You know it's a bad day when you find yourself making the most blatantly obvious joke in the history of blatantly obvious jokes.

Speaking of jokes, Jeff Reed is an asshole.

I actually had this whole long rant of about three paragraphs written about this, but then I realized, who cares. I said all that needed to be said about it two sentences ago.

Anyways, the purpose of this post was to tell you that Sansmokio has waived his right to a hearing and will either get a fine or probation, or he'll have a trial, at which he'll probably get either a fine or probation.

And remember, kids...

Still dealing with what feels like several tiny people hacking away at my brain with pick axes. Good thing I've got 40 pages to read right now. That should work out pretty well.


Didn't think so.

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random asshole said...

Jeff Reed is awesome.

They paid money to meet Jeff Reed at a bar and assumed he was going to be sober? For people who claim to be fans, it's like they don't know a damn thing about him.

Get Fresh Designs said...

I agree with the asshole. I mean the guy looks like he's 50 from all the partying he does.

Cotter said...

If you think so, I guess.

If I paid $8 to meet Jeff Reed and get his autograph, I'd be pretty pissed if he showed up shit housed and refused to sign autographs in favor of taking shots at the bar with chicks. It's one thing to show up a few drinks in and then proceed to get sloshed, it's another to show up falling over drunk and act like a dickhead.

Professional responsibility, man. But I guess you don't care about that sort of thing...

matt said...

I agree w/ Cotter. I'm sure all the folks in Ebensburg woulda been fine with it had he got shit-canned as the night progressed.

That's Jeff Reed tho, like it or not.