February 1, 2009

Kurt Warner Is For The Birds...

The Super Bowl, how sweet it is
One game, everything at stake
And not a minute too soon
Let's do this thing for Christ's sake

We've waited two very long weeks
For this one day to arrive
Let's go get another ring
To add to our current five

The Wood's got a taste for Cardinal
After feasting on Raven
Kurt Warner's in his sights
Time to break him, make him give in

Larry Fitzgerald is a force
And Boldin's no slouch either
The Steelers hands will be full
I hope Ryan Clark will be there

Big Ben was born ready for this
Willie is ready to rock
Hines Ward's knee may be gimpy
But he'll still throw a few mean blocks

Whisenhunt may "know" the Steelers
But Lebeau knows Whisenhunt
This is the Super Bowl, man
And the Steelers are on the hunt

Throw all the rules out the window
Numbers mean nothing today
All that matters is a win
It's time to sit back and say


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