February 1, 2009


If you're not making out with random people right now, you're not a real Steelers fan.

The Steelers did it.

Final Score = 27-23, Steelers

Game. Over.

Kurt Warner? Eat a dick.

Mike Tomlin - Youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl ever. Super Bowl Champ in only his 2nd year.

And will slap the shit out of you if you have anything to say contrary to that.

Game over, son.

Big players make big plays in big games...

Santonio Holmes for President!

Big Ben = Shoulda been MVP.

Two Super Bowls in four years! Game manager? I don't think so.

Not to mention, as Ben said in his address of the crowd - Who's laughing now, O-Line????? Money.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get fucked up. Drink lots of beer. Make bad decisions. Domski's drunk right now.

SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Full recap to come at some point. Once this has all sunk in and I have time to gather my thoughts. Domski's still drunk. SUPER. BOWL. CHAMPS.


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H.O. Blues said...

I finally figured how to post a comment, YAY, WE HAVE A SIXTH TROPHY, DOUBLE YAY AND YOI!

it's aaallliiiivvvee... said...

I'm gonna post this here because a fw months ago i questioned whethe Mike Tomlin was really a good coach or if he was maybe a mediocre coach with a good team.

After several frstrating losses last season and the infuriating loss to JAX in the '07 pos-season i stated to doubt Tomlin's ability to motivate the team and keep it focused. Those doubts were magnified by Steelers struggles earlier this ear.

After the Eagles debacle i genuinely started to wonder if Mike Tomlin had swindled the Rooneys with big talk and a hustler's attitude. I wondered, out loud, if he was a fraud and a "charity case" who won his job by means of exploiting the Rooney family's desire to advance the cause of minority coaches.

At the tie i really doubted Tomlin. And i said so, in some very clear and controversial ways. That was the beginnimg of a series of events that caused me to ose interest in posting comments online for ll and sundry to over-analyze and interpret.

But- i said at the time that i honestly hoped i was wrong. I said, repeatedly, that NOTHING would make me happier than being wrong about Tomlin and his ability to coach the Steelers. I very much *wanted* to be wrong. And i was.

Mike Tomlin has done everything with this team i wanted to see done. He's brought stability, focus, and another championship to Pittsburgh in just his second year. As much as i stand by my previous criticism, i'm still very, vey, very happy to have been wrong. Nothing makes me happier than being this kind of wrong about a Steelers coach.

Trust me- it ain' easy coming back here and posting this. But- it's rare when nyone man's-up and take possession of his opinions I'm doing that: i said Tomlin was a fraud and a charity-case, and he proved me completely, totaly, and happily wrong.

If eing wrong wins the Steelers Superbowls, i don't wanna be right.

Peace out, SteelerNation-


Anonymous said...

I have yet to go to sleep. I just laid in bed with a huge grin on my face. What's that all about? Oh, yeah, THE STEELERS WON THE FUCKING SUPER BOWL!!!1!

I'll hit that wall about 9-10.

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Classy. Big points for manning up.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Steely McBeam's still drunk, too.

Awesome win.

It's good to be a Steelers fan. Way fun.

Not that we give a shit, but in contrast, it must suck to be a Seahawks fan. Haters. They're still whining -- Holmgren, grumping both before and after the game, and Tim Hasselbeck was just on ESPN griping about the officiating (what a surprise). All those Hasselbecks (including Elizabeth) are assholes. Losers. Fuck 'em. This is our day. It's a lot of fun being a Steelers fan. All is well in the world today (for us, anyway).

domski43 said...

tobiathan - welcome back brotha!!

somebody pinch me because i still cant believe what happened last night. ive been watchin the highlights over and over and i still cant get enough.

after hearing about the steelers first 4 super bowls as a kid growing up in the burgh all i asked for was to see 1 steelers super bowl, and i did. but now i've seen 2! cant ask for more.

love you STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

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