February 25, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Ok, so apparently there's a Washington Redskins Tight End who can dish it out but can't take it. Well actually, it's a guy who can dish it out, but his brother and other Redskins apologists can't take it. Same difference as far as I'm concerned.

I'm purposely not using this guy's name, because really, I have no interest in becoming part of this mess. Although, I guess by writing this post, I already have. And given that I've copped a revealing screen shot from the fine gentlemen at The Pensblog (and a big thanks to them for that!), I'm pretty sure you know who I'm referring to.

Anyways, here's my deal - if this Skins TE is going to talk shit about the Pens, does he not expect a backlash? Oh, just because he's an NFL Tight End with a blog, you're not allowed to talk about his unnecessary and misguided words? This is the internet, dude. There's probably six people out there right now, writing about how much they hate what I write on OFTOT. Well, ok, maybe that's a stretch. But I'm sure you see my point.

First of all, why is he commenting on Sid and the Pens anyhow? I'm sure I just missed it, but was it just because he's all of a sudden gay for A.O.? Doesn't matter. Either way, you're a "celebrity." People are going to say things about you, whether you make garbage comments about a HOCKEY team or not. So, what makes this any different?

Besides, similar to what I said recently about our pal Rick Reilly, what do you care, dude? You're still getting paid millions. You're still married to a hot ass former cheerleader. Not like The Pensblog called your Mom a whore or something. They simply defended the Pens against a FOOTBALL player's prediction that they wouldn't make the playoffs. That's how blogging about a team works. The fact that this guy's camp said ANYTHING in return is ridiculous.

Hey, guess what? You get what you give, dudes. Happens to the rest of us all the time. Welcome to the real world, where people treat you like a real human being as opposed to one who gets what he wants because he's a highly paid professional athlete.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like the dude who physically made the statement. Or at least I did until he screwed around with Sid and the Pens. But these jagoffs making a bunch of noise about The Pensblog is completely unnecessary.

That said, hilarity did ensue. So maybe this guy should say shit about the Pens more often (that was a joke, back you animals!).

And finally, allow me to also point out that if I were going to mess with a blog, the Pensblog probably wouldn't be my first choice. By the time you figure out what's going on, you've already lost, your wife is leaving you for the mail man (and I don't mean Karl Malone), all of your car tires have been popped, all of your beer's been drank, and your daughter's six week's preggo. True story. I've seen it happen.

Oh well, these links are guaranteed not to screw around...

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/blatantly not linking to anything about Pitt's loss last night to spare you the pain

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random asshole said...

I really can't tell which is worse--that someone wrote a blog post because some Penguins fans said mean things on the internet or that someone wrote a blog post about someone who wrote a blog post about Penguins fans who said mean things on the internet.

The only conclusion is that we all lose.

Cotter said...

Samsonite! You were way off...

big TC said...

fuck chris cooley, and A.O. is a total douchebag. More than Jeff Reed...well maybe not that much.

domski43 said...

the only way to settle this A.O./Crosby controversy is for Crosby to step up and help beat the Capitals. Until then A.O. has the upper hand.

maybe if crosby would stop trying to make pretty little passes, actually put the puck on the net (see Malkin), and get physical like Ovechkin then the Pens would beat the Caps.

Penguins are extremely frustrating to watch at this point, I just hope they make the playoffs.

Cooley may be dumb, but he is a good tight end.

tiny350Z said...

Seeing that Saturday article kinda made me happy. It would be good to have someone in a leadership role for our o-line. Lord knows we need it.

And yeah, last night sucked, btw.