February 11, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Jesus. Why didn't anybody tell me she was from L.A.? It all makes sense now.

And of course now that she's had her 15 minutes, NOW she's done. 14(!) kids later.

Whatever, man.

Listen, lady. In this economic climate? I mean, come on.

You know what, though? Maybe she's got it right. At this point, maybe that's what I should do. Just have a bunch of kids. No job, enough debt to support an entire small African nation, but dammit if I don't got LOVE!

I believe this conversation is over.

Oh, and how do you like this?

So should we just invoice "the crazy bitch with all the kids," then?

That's right, folks. Consider this situation handled! Nothing to see here, you can all go home.

Listen, I'm no economist, but I do think three trillion sounds like an awful lot of money. So, if you could give me my share of the 3 trillion in cash, that'd be great. My concern is, and I have to, uh, check with my accountant, that this might bump me into a higher, uh, tax...bracket.

Sort this shit out, Barack.

The more the government keeps trying to bail that economy out, the more these links keep coming up money...

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This is from so long ago, but I found it last night when I was going through all of OFTOT's old posts. Mike Tomlin drives a Dodge Charger with rims. Someone's gotta catch his beast in action [Yahoo! Sports]

Hines Ward had shoulder surgery this week. That's always good [Post-Gazette]

Kevin Colbert, you have til February 19th to tag someone. Who will you choose? WHO WILL YOU CHOOSE!?!?! [Post-Gazette]

Hines Ward is for the kids...the biracial Korean kids, that is [The Epoch Times]

This guy wants Steelers fans to be more respectful of Cardinals fans (see last few paragraphs). Someone should explain to this guy that all message boards are full of disrespect. That's not a function of Steelers fans. That's a function of the internet. Open your eyes, dude [Arizona Republic]

And someone should explain to Comcast that the more you bring this whole porn debacle up, the longer it's going to haunt you. Sometimes, you just have to apologize and let things die their own death [Post-Gazette]

Ray Lewis says no hometown discount for Ravens. Yes. It has begun! [Ravens Insider]

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Doug really brought this whole Michael Phelps thing to life. Bravo, my friend! [Dug E Fresh Rants]

Vern's use of the "Penises" tag over the last couple of days has been staggering. This was a good ass post, though [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

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LA's bravest - men to the core...who happen to like frozen yogurt... [Snarktastic]

Two of the best FAILs I've ever seen...on the same day! [FAIL Blog and FAIL Blog]

Quick - bigger piece of shit named Chris - Chris Jericho or Chris Brown?

Chris Brown BIT Rihanna? What would Domski do?


tecmo said...

You DO know I had to go to Google and check out that Google Suggest Fail to see if it is legit.

Yep, it ain't a photoshop. Google really does think you are extemely terrified of Chinese people

Get Fresh Designs said...

Chris Brown is the bigger piece of shit. How/why do you hit rhianna???

I'm thinking the jericho thing is some kind of stupid stunt by the WWF, especially if you hear mickey rourke say anything about it.

Cotter said...

Tec ~ Yeah, I didn't even think to try it. But I'm glad to know that it was an authentic fail. You think that says something about the economy's impact on our collective state of mind?

Doug ~ Seriously. Rihanna. I mean, I just, yeah. I blame drugs, personally. You'd have to be high to hit Rihanna. Frankly, if I were Chris Brown I would've been hittin' that ass if you know what I mean (joking...ish)?

Noah said...

Why don't we just blatantly take people's money who make over $1 mil? It's not like they need it. It's for the greater good.