January 30, 2009

Where Are You Watching The Game On Sunday?

Phew, wow. What a week, indeed. As promised, here's the final installment of this feature on where y'all are watching the game. By and large I'd say most of you are either having or attending parties. So rock on. Drink lots of beers, stuff your face with all sorts of greasiness, maybe even make some bad decisions, and of course, hopefully watch the Steelers secure a second Super Bowl victory in four years!

Anyways, here's where the rest of these peeps are watching on Sunday...

Well, I can't say for sure where my family will be watching the game, but I can tell you one place that could be on our list. This is where we went for SB Xtra Large: Rookies Sports Bar and Grill, Lancaster, PA

COTTER NOTE: Noah sent me another email with an update...

It's been confirmed that we (my extended family) indeed are going to Rookies Sports Bar and Grill (located in Lancaster, PA) to watch the game. It's also confirmed that other members in said ext. family will be going to Tampa to tailgate.

Two potential spots. Well, three. But the third is unlikely. The third is the bar I usually watch the games at. I don't think I'm going there for this one.

Option one is, of course, to go to Tampa. It's a four hour drive, which isn't bad. And, you know, there's going to be a game there. But, there are issues. First, I have to work at some point on Monday, which pretty much means leaving within a few hours after the game. Second, there's no chance in hell that I would end up getting in, so it means I'm going four hours to watch a game in a bar. Which, as I wrote above, I don't really want to do. So I'm putting this at about a 20% chance of chancinating.

Option two is to watch it in the living room. We have a 65 inch TV and I haven't watched a single game on it this year, so that is an enticing offer. Plus, I don't have to go anywhere or worry about making a 4 hour drive after the game. And, I'm already planning on going into work late, so I could sleep in a bit. We'll have a gathering of sorts just like we did for last year's Super Bowl. So easy. Why is this not option 1???

Because I gotta go to Tampa, man. God damn it. We'll see.

The Starter Wife
Our plans keep changing. (Mostly because a friend of a friend works for the '49ers and we might get tickets from him. Although, I kind of hope we stay here.)

COTTER NOTE: I'm supremely jealous of TSW's connections. Domski and I know Mike Boni, Arizona Cardinals scout extraordinaire, who gets to go. But clearly we don't reap any compulsory benefits of that deal. Oh well, at least he's a good dude. King of Polo shirts. But a good dude. You should meet him sometime. Moon Township. One.

I'll be throwing a super bowl party at my apartment in Nutley, NJ. not too many people, maybe 10.  I figured it would be easier to stay in then go to a bar.  I don't want to be around band wagon cardinal fans or steeler detractors at a bar.  There will be terrible towels, but not too many steelers fans.  I think 2 real fans will be there besides me.  that kind of sucks.  But then again, I won't have anybody rooting against the steelers, and if I do I'll just kick them out.  Because you know, it's MY apartment.  I've got wings on the menu, a beer batter cheese dip, a BLT dip, lots of beer and shots. The mini kegerator will be in full effect.  did I mention beer?  Oh, and for the main course I plan on making Primanti sandwhiches.  I'll be using pastrami as my base. maybe some with capicola, or roast beef.  I just need to find a place for the bread. any suggestions?


Scotty B
Three of my friends that I went to the Steelers-Giants game with this year are going to Tampa. Sadly, since I was just in Tampa for a week for the Iowa game, I can't afford it. I did think you would like to know that in our small Northwest Iowa town of 2,000, I know of at least seven Steelers parties this weekend, most of them expecting around 50 guests. Considering we're in the heart of Dutch Reformed country and it is church night, that says a lot about the dedication of Steelers fans around here. I tried to bring in some Iron City for our party, but wasn't able to find a distributor who could get it here. FAIL! Oh well, I guess a couple of kegs of Miller Lite will have to do.

And on a final note - I hope whatever y'all are doing, you have a blast! And everyone remember our friend Samantha, the victim of online role playing games, while you're partying it up. Cheers, you party animals!

PS - MPIE #2 should round out the day today. I hope to have it up by 4PM. I'm going to need a lot more coffee, though. Or some crystal meth. I'll venture outside and see what I can find. See y'all then!


domski43 said...

cotter +1 about the polo shirt comment.

i asked boni if he was going to the game...he said, "I have 3 tickets - one for me, and two for my parents (steelers fans)." I think he thought i was going to ask him for one of the tix.

Cardinals fans = so uptight, geez!

btw - I've been cheering for the Cardinals in every one of their playoff games, but not this one. The cards theme is "We can shock the world!" And Boni continues to remind me. I told him that they already shocked the world, now its time to show up for the big game!

have fun everyone! go steelers.

Notgomu said...

I found out this morning that my boss, who is a die hard Giants fan, left this morning to go the Superbowl. He had tickets to it last year too, but sold them on Ebay. So why would someone who is a GIANTS fan sell last year's tickets and go this year? I'm trying to figure it out too. It kind of pisses me off actually. What's the point?