January 29, 2009

Where Are You Watching The Game On Sunday?

As promised, here's installment #2 of this garbage I'm calling a feature, "Where are YOU Watching The Super Bowl?" I'd provide some sort of witty/insightful/sarcastic commentary, but frankly, I'm bushed.

Anyways, here's where our following friends are watching the game this Sunday...

Ladi Izz
I'm just watching it at home. The only tradition I have is that I make chili every year for the Super Bowl.

I will be watching the game at home again this year. Except this year we plan on having some people over to watch the game. This will be a first in our household. Beer, food, and football on HD is the only way to go. Plus I can get loaded during the game, which I plan on doing, and not have to worry about driving. Even though I hate watching the game with anyone, I will let that go for the Super Bowl.

Sean (of Sean's Ramblings fame)
When the playoffs began three years ago, we agreed to host a Super Bowl party for a group of friends. The Steelers were the #6 seed and seemed to have little chance of reaching the Super Bowl especially since the Indianapolis Colts dominated the league during the regular season.  About a month later, the Steelers defeated the Broncos and were headed to Detroit. Since we had already agreed to host a party, we didn't want to break our plans. We had 3 or 4 other couples at our home, and I was the only person who truly followed the Steelers. There were a couple people with Pittsburgh ties who rooted for the Steelers to win and a few others that wanted the Steelers to win because they wanted me to be in a good mood. However, there was one person at the party who was a Redskins fan. He openly supported the Seahawks because he felt that Seattle winning would look better for the Redskins, who lost to the Seahawks earlier in the playoffs. I still don't understand the logic behind this. I should note that although I did not kick him out of my home during the game, we are not friends anymore. I'm not sure if I've even talked to him since that night.
So now that the Steelers are back in the Super Bowl, I've had a bit of a dilemma about where to watch the game this year. I thought about going back to Pittsburgh but I really can't take off time from work since I have a big conference coming up and just took the hockey road trip vacation. We could host again but I don't want to deal with making sure everyone has enough food and drink while trying to watch the game. So instead, we are going over to our friends' house. There will be about 10 people there, and although no else is really a Steelers fan, they are all football fans. They understand the importance the Steelers have in my life, and the hosts have already assured me that no one will be rooting for the Cardinals. While ideally I'd like to watch the game with only Steelers fans, I'm going to watch the game with close friends which is all anyone can ask for.
Plus, I'm sure I'll be on the phone with my dad and brother throughout the game.

I will be the host of a Super Bowl party right here in Indianapolis for my friends that live here. Festivities will start around 1 or 2 with the grill and some beers. Then we'll have some beers and watch the 2 previous playoff games (I have them saved on DVR). Then we'll have some beers with another round of grilling. During the game there will be beers and some snacks, finger foods, etc..... Then the postgame there will be even more beers and either a bunch of shit talking by me or the consoling of me by my friends. Nonetheless there will be beers! GO STEELERS!!!!!!

I will be watching the game either in Chapel Hill or Pittsburgh, depending on if I get enough work done this week to disappear for three days and not feel bad about it.

This week is going to break me. And so is MPIE...consequently, I may have to switch that and this for tomorrow. We shall see. Anwyays, this happened.



TheJim said...

I'm watching it from the stadium, suckers!

Get Fresh Designs said...

*Doug Update*
HD is down right now. Hopefully the box just needs a reboot. or i'll have to watch in analog, eww.